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Little is known of the early history of the ancient dragon Grogg, save that he was found nesting beneath a mountain range in Russia. During the Cold War, a Soviet officer named Colonel Vorcutsky ordered a scientist Miklos Kozlov to conduct a series of atomic tests in the region where Grogg lied dormant. The tests awakened Grogg who proceeded to raze a nearby village. Vorcutsky and Kozlov attempted to flee inside of a cave, but although Kozlov managed to escape, Vorcutsky suffered the ultimate penalty for disturbing Grogg's slumber.[2] Kozlov managed to lure Grogg towards a Russian space program launch site whereupon he boarded a space shuttle. The vessel launched and Grogg was bound for the planet Mars.[3]

Some years later, the intergalactic entity known as the Collector discovered Grogg and placed him within his private zoo beneath Canada. This specialized zoo was populated with a menagerie of strange, monstrous, alien creatures. The Mole Man attacked the Collector's zoo, freeing its inhabitants, who proceeded on a destructive rampage of New York City. The monsters were opposed by the Thing, the Incredible Hulk, the Beast, and Giant-Man. After the monsters had been defeated, they were all thrown through a portal into the Negative Zone on the recommendation of Reed Richards.[4]

Years later, Grogg somehow returned to Earth and must have been captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., who recruited him into the Howling Commandos, a S.H.I.E.L.D. squad meant to utilize supernatural means to combat supernatural threats. The Commandos used Grogg as a living transport carrier, bringing them to and from missions.[5]

Grogg fought with Doop when Doop was assigned to help protect the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning.[6]



Grogg has the ability of winged flight and he can produce streams of fire from his nostrils. Presumably, like most dragons, Grogg is also immortal. He also has superhuman physical attributes such as strength and durability, owing largely to his prodigious size.


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