Appearing in "The Idol"

Featured Characters:

  • Groo

Supporting Characters:

  • Rufferto


Other Characters:


  • Taza
  • Piedra
  • Tapu



Synopsis for "The Idol"

Groo & Rufferto head to the village of Taza where they worship an idol that has a striking resemblance to Rufferto. They believe Rufferto to be the living embodiment of the god Sufur. They ask Rufferto what he wants, to which he replies "Woof!" Groo tells them that it means he wants Cheese Dip, so the people of Taza assume that Groo is his "voice." While judging cases, they decree that everyone must bring them food. They get so much food that they think they might need a bigger temple. The people of Taza soon get to work on building a bigger temple.

It is soon decided that they need stone to build a temple and with no money to buy it, they must attack the neighboring town of Piedra and take the stone. Groo is very excited for a fray. With Groo on their side, they defeat the odds and win. With stone to build the temple, they now just need to impose a tax so they can pay laborers to build the temple. They tax all they can out of Taza, so they decide to head towards Tapu and take their money. They smash the town's idols and take the people as slaves to work on the temple. Groo and his army then continue to several other towns where they do the same thing.

Meanwhile, poor Rufferto, who has been withheld from battle, just wants to be at Groo's side during a glorious fray. However, a coniving Tazanian decides that, in Groo's absence, he is the voice of Sufur. He orders all the wealth to be giving to him and all that oppose be taken away. In the confusion, Rufferto runs off to join Groo. Artisans are comissioned to create idols of Sufur, but none can agree upon what his true image is.

The Tazanian army decides that they have enough slaves for building the temple and return home. However, Groo thinks things are going so well, he continues spreading Sufur's message of "peace." For weeks, Groo wanders around in circles while Rufferto tries to reunite with him.

Finally, they find each other and Groo decides to return to Taza for food. When they get to the temple of Sufur, there are strange, bird-like idols, and they are told they may not enter. They no longer believe that Rufferto is Sufur. Groo pulls out his swords, but Rufferto holds him back.


  • Moral: Too many believe only in the belief.


  • The people of Tapu worship Odif.
  • This issue's letters page reveals the location of "Hidden Messages" from several previous issues.

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