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Not much is known about Groot, including his domain of origin, but at some point in time, he became a member of the Thor Corps, a force composed of multiple men and women dedicated to preserving peace across Battleworld.

Groot was one of the Thor Corps members dispatched to the Kingdom of Manhattan to warn the residents there to stop tampering with the dimensional rift in their domain. When Hawkeye challenged God Emperor Doom's decree. Stormbreaker Ray struck him down with a fatal bolt of lightning summoned by his Stormbreaker. When no one else objected, the Thor Corps returned to Doomgard.[1]

Groot was next amongst the Thor Corps members sent to Utopolis to apprehend Nighthawk for the murders of Iron Thor and King Hyperion.[2]

Groot was also one of the Thor Corps members who were sent to investigate the murder of an unnamed woman along with Stormborn, Thunderer Thorlief, Rune Thor, Destroyer Thor, Thor the Green, and Stormbreaker Ray.[3]



Seemingly those of the Groot of Earth-616, as well as those of Thor.



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