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Groot was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. They came to Earth in order to hunt down Michael Korvac. After teleporting inside the Avengers Mansion, the two teams were initially confrontational and Groot and Rocket Raccoon fought the Hulk. Hulk was able to clap his hand hard enough and completely destroy Groot. Unbeknownst to Hulk, Groot was able to regenerate his body entirely. After Korvac attacked the two teams, Warlock was able to teleport the two teams into the Soul Gem. After explaining how insane Korvac was, the two teams surprise attacked him in Central Park. Korvac proved to be too powerful for either team to handle, seeing as he was able to disintegrate Groot. It is presumed he was also able to regenerate himself in this instance.[1]


Seemingly those of Groot of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Groot of Earth-616.

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