Quote1 Eye Hmmm Grew Root. Quote2
-- Groot src

Groot was a sentient tree-like creature that either guarded the Power Stone or it simply happened to be inside of him. During their quest for Infinity Stones, the Bakian Clan and their allies detected one of the stones in a barren forest, where they discovered Groot.

Groot (Earth-94241) from Infinity Gauntlet Vol 2 5 001

Groot simply gave the Bakians the Stone, and subsequently joined them in ther continuing journey.[1] When one of the allies of the Bakians, Thanos, betrayed them and took the Stones in his posession, he unleashed a behemoth bug. Using Nova Stars, Star-Lord, Gamora and Groot empowered themselves and kept the monster distracted so the Bakians could go after Thanos. Groot ultimately died by the hand of a powerful energy beam projected by the behemoth.[2]


Seemingly those of the Groot of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Groot of Earth-616.

  • Groot's catchphrase "I am Groot" (and thus the creature's given name), come from some words it picked up when it first encountered the Bakian Clan and their allies:
    • "Eyes?!" originated "I."
    • "Hmm, might be buried under its bark." originated "Am."
    • "You think it grew over the stone?" originated "Gro-."
    • "Must be at the roots." originated "-ot."

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