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On an abandoned stretch of the West Side waterfront, Grotto was ordered by his boss Eric Slaughter to confront bounty hunter Elektra, who easily defeated him.[1] Not long afterwards, Grotto witnessed Daredevil entering Josie's Bar to interrogate his partner Turk Barrett about the Kingpin's return to Hell's Kitchen.[2] Grotto and Turk later escorted a disguised Matt Murdock to the Kingpin's hideout.[3] And were both ordered by the Kingpin to remove his files to a second vault.[4]

Grotto went to play poker at Josie's,[5] and a few days later, he and Turk attempted to kill Sheldon during the Fifth Avenue Parade.[6] Grotto, Turk, and Zeke were later surprised by Daredevil while they were busy dividing up loot,[7] and after they were jailed, Grotto refused to follow Turk's escape attempt.[8]

Following their release Grotto and Turk were once again interrogated by Daredevil about the death of Heather Glenn.[9] Some time later, they both stole a pair of Santa Claus suits to collect money in the Upper East Side.[10]

Years later, Grotto was one of those brought into Fisk's inner circle to celebrate the Kingpin's return from San Francisco. He was present when Captain America, Spectrum, and Night Thrasher questioned Fisk regarding Ulysses' vision concerning Bushwacker's recent disappearance, but the Inhuman precog was unable to discern the Kingpin's true involvement due to Janus' ability.[11]

Kingpin later brought together the remaining players of the Manhattan underworld, everyone that had not yet been rounded up by S.H.I.E.L.D. acting upon Ulysses' intel, for a secret meeting in the Meatpacking District to inform them all that they had no choice but to work for his criminal enterprise now. When Tombstone objected, Grotto took offense, but Fisk stayed his trigger finger and explained that although they had a history of not working well together, only he could operate beyond Ulysses' view.[12]

When Turk got hold of the powerful Mind Stone, his friendship with Grotto fell apart since Turk quickly used its power to build a criminal empire, but left Grotto out of the picture. Because of this, when Daredevil interrogated him about Turk's new activities, Grotto had no qualms telling him what the stone could do. When Turk was informed of Grotto's snitching, he had his men bring Grotto to him, and shot him dead.[13]

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