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A member of the Grunds, Grott the Manslayer was one of the agents of Korvac,[1] the mad cyborg of the 30th century Earth, and a pawn of the Prime Mover in his contest with the Grandmaster for control of the Earth.[2]

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In 2399 A.D. the Grunds were among those races who still remembered being wrecked up by "those annoying earthlings" centuries earlier were smart enough to act polite.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Their antennae atop heads absorb energy for concussive bolts.


Habitat: 71% water, large forest area
Gravity: 1.2 Earth standard
Atmosphere: 67% hydrogen, 27% oxygen
Population: 2.5 billion


Type of Government: Matriarchal feudal states
Level of Technology: Unremarkable. No interstellar travel as yet.
Cultural Traits: Amoral, immature by human standards

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