Gruto is was an amnesiac green gorilla like alien who crash lands on Earth on a trip from his homeworld of Pacion Rex. When Grutto crashes on Earth he hits his head leaving him with amnesia.

Unluckly for Gruto the first human he meets is an aggressive and opportunistic reporter. The reporter offers him a place to stay inside a barn until he remembers why he came to Earth. He takes photos of the alien and turns in a sensationalist pack of lies that the alien is an advance scout for a planned invasion. His girlfriend is bothered by guilt but she knows that he's doing it for the sake of his job. When the authorities confront the alien they believe that he is no immediate threat because he merely asks to be left alone until his memory returns. Not wanting the attention to fade, the man spreads more lies of hostile intent until the people are whipped up into a mob.

His girlfriend goes out to warn Gruto to flee before the mob arrives as she is wracked with guilt to being an accomplice to the deception. Gruto does as she bids and takes up orbit around Earth in his spaceship. The humans try various attacks against him but Gruto easily nullifies them. As their last ditch strike, the humans launch a missile with a hydrogen warhead against the craft, which fails to damage it but does succeed in making Gruto bump his head once more restoring his memory.

Gruto lands and proclaims that he recalls his mission was to impart great technical knowledge to Earth but since they have acted like barbarians and attempted to kill him, they deserve nothing and he departs.[1]

At some point, the Fantastic Four captured Gruto back on Earth and transported him to Monster Isle.[2]

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