The Gryndans were a homogeneous race of scientist and inventors. Smug and arrogant, they never fostered interest in off world travel.[1] Gryndars were so focused on technology that their people had no concept of magic.[2] Instead, they buried beneath prehistoric caverns anything that didn't fit their science.[1]

Early into a cosmic journey to seek help from alien sorcerers to fix his severed connection to Earth's magic, Doctor Strange's ship was hit by an asteroid and it veered off course into Grynda. The Gryndans prevented it from crash-landing and captured Strange.[2] The Gryndans enslaved Strange and additionally experimented on him, leading them to reconsider interstellar travel since they found humans to be a sophisticated life-form with much to offer.

Seventy-three days after having been captured, Doctor Strange escaped from custody with the help of fellow visitor-turned-prisoner Kanna, who had tried to steal a magical artifact known as the Eye of Basphorus. Before leaving the planet, Doctor Strange used the power of the Eye of Basphorus to permanently seal off Grynda, so they couldn't proceed with their plans of interstellar travel.[1]


Level of Technology: High: Doctor Strange expressed he had never seen technology as advanced as Grynda's, and even compared it to magic.[1]

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