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Guardian Robots
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Border guard robots,[1] Doom's robotic guards[2]
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Robot servant of Doctor Doom
Information-silk Origin
Doctor Doom designed these robots as a patrol for Doomstadt, a means to protect Latveria from foreign invasions and a law enforcement. They are good at controlling the population and finding and defeating intruders.
Information-silk Place of Formation
Probably Doctor Doom's laboratory, Doomstadt, Latveria


Doctor Doom uses these robots to patrol the terrains of Castle Doom in Latveria,[2] sending them sometimes to Doomstadt to find intruders and control the commoners.[3] Mr. Fantastic once was intercepted by three Guardian Robots when trying to infiltrate Castle Doom. While he destroyed two Robots by making them collide with each other, he accidentally activated the self-destruct mechanism of the other and was stunned, falling far from the castle.[2]



Guardian Robot

  • Robotic construction: The robot's hull provides it with some protection against attacks. It is also immune to mental, emotional and illusion attacks, but susceptible to machinery-affecting attacks.[3]
  • Computer link: Constant communication with security system of Doom, to immediately answer any alarm. Range includes 16 km but can be increased with secondary robots.[3]
    Transportation: * Three[3] wheels instead of legs.[2]
    Weapons: * Tentacles: Their tentacles allow them to attack non-adjacent foes.[2][3]
  • Force Blasters.[2][3]
  • Knock-out gas.[2][3]
  • Ionic laser: Very powerful,[2] but Doom only provides this robot with a ionic laser if he is waiting a super-powerful attack.[3]
  • Override mechanism to prevent the use of jammers. The robots will identify people trying to reprogram them and target those people.[2]
  • Self-Destruct: The conductive backplate is designed to prevent tampering. Attempts to remove it and access to internal mechanisms, e.g. to deactive the robot, activate the self-destruct mechanism and the robot explodes.[2]

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