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It is the year 3000 A.D., and Geena Drake, the most recent member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, finds herself in the middle of a pitched battle, unable to hear over the sound of fighting, as Vance Astro protects her from the attacking Badoon. The Badoon shock-troopers are attacking the Hideaway Parliament, the last refuge of the few races the Badoon have not already wiped out. As Vance deals with one Badoon attacker, Charlie-27 arrives to deal with the remaining two. As they run from the reinforcements, Vance points out that finding the Parliament is far beyond the Badoon's capabilities, and therefore someone guided them there. Charlie informs Vance that the rest of the parliament is either dead or gone. As for the Guardians, Yondu, Martinex and Starhawk are all still fighting.

Starhawk reiterates that someone is pulling the Badoon's strings, which doesn't make sense, given their hatred for all other species. More disconcerting is that they have tech even Starhawk, "The One Who Knows", cannot identify. As the Guardians continue fleeing, they pass the corpse of one of their allies, the Star-Lord. More Badoon appear, and despite the Guardian's best efforts, Yondu is fatally shot. More bad news follows, as Vance's containment suit has been breached, and he was on the verge of dying. Starhawk commands Charlie get Geena out of harm's way, since she is a temporal anomaly, and her survival is vital. As Charlie escapes, Starhawk is incinerated, and Marty decapitated, as Vance succumbs to rapid old age and dies. Before Charlie and Geena can get away, they find their path blocked by a strange cyclopean head, declaring itself "A-Sentience" and demanding their submission. Charlie refuses, and is killed. Geena's world goes dark...

Thirty minutes earlier, in the vicinity of Deneb, the Captain America approaches the Hideaway Parliament, and Geena wonders whether there will be answers to why the Guardians saved her there. Exasperated by her questions, Charlie turns her over to Martinex, who explains more: The parliament is located out-side of conventional space, and can only be accessed by dimensional key, or "D-Key" for short. Here the last free cultures have gathered to stand against the Badoon threat, including the Supreme Intelligence, Maejestor Gladiator of the Shi'ar, King Peter the Star-Lord, Sadistain of the Night-Vowed, Stormfront, Herald of the "Old-Hunger", and Annihilata of the Negative Zone.

The gathered allies are dubious, with Gladiator unwilling to commit to any offensive against the Badoon. Vance informs the room that there is a greater problem at hand, the collapse of causality itself. According to the now decidedly female Starhawk, time is repeating. As she introduces Geena to the room, the young human gets a flash of deja vu. As she tries to warn everyone about the imminent attack, it happens. As Geena runs for cover, she remembers why it all seems so familiar: Time is repeating. As she watches Vance fight, she notes him using different moves than before, and an idea occurs. Events can play out differently. Grabbing a fallen gun, Geena declares to Vance that the Guardians have to fight.

Solicit Synopsis

• Dive right into the action as the original Guardians of the Galaxy — Vance Astro, Yondu, Martinex, Starhawk and Charlie-27 -- try to save the future universe from the menace of the Badoon.

• But what happens when the Guardians discover something behind the Badoon… something even worse than they could have ever imagined?

• The very future itself is in danger, and the only possibility of salvation relies on the shoulders of this ragtag, bombastic group of underdogs. Thrown together by fate and fighting against intolerable oppression, how can they even hope to survive the first issue?!


  • This series continues on from the story shown in the back-up of Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol. 3) #14.
  • Galactus is implicitly mentioned several times as the "Old Hunger", but never identified explicitly. However, the mention of hunger, and that he is represented by a Herald, identifies him easy enough. The Old Hunger will not be properly confirmed as Galactus until Guardians 3000 #6 of this series.
  • In the second iteration, Starhawk takes a female form. However, this is not a version of his sister Aleeta, given the character is still identified and acts as Starhawk. In fact, no indication is given as to Aleeta's existence in this version of events.
  • "Newcomers" are mentioned in the Parliament meeting, but are not identified.

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