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Geena Drake and Vance Astro face down the advancing Badoon hordes, which have attacked the Hideaway Parliament, as Geena tries to come to terms with the fact that time, for her at least, is resetting. She tries firing the gun she acquired, but the recoil knocks her off her feet. Using the advantage it gives, Vance Astro uses that to clear out the room. Once the Badoon are all down, Geena takes what Starhawk called a "Hybrid Com-Guide Cylinder" implant from one of the corpses, since it proves the destroyers of mankind are being controlled. Vance questions her on what happened, with Geena noting she won't know what will happen, since events have already changed. Vance asks her if she believes the Badoon are being controlled. Geena states she knows it, having seen the A-Sentience construct. Vance doesn't recognize that, though Geena says it looks a lot like the one that they suddenly run into.

Again, A-Sentience demands they submit, and prepares to attack, only to be frozen solid by Martinex. Vance asks whether the thing can be destroyed, though Marty tells him that it's made of vibranium covered in adamantium, in other words it's indestructible. And with its high stochastic net, it was made to think and keep on thinking. Geena reminds the two of the situation. Marty tells them that the Badoon are blocking teleporting out, so they can only stand their ground, what few left in the Parliament. Sadistain and the Night-Vowed, and Annihilata both escaped already, leaving the Supreme Intelligence, Gladiator, Stormfront and King Peter to fight the Badoon hordes alongside the Guardians.

As the fight rages on, Gladiator tells Vance Geena must be taken to safety. When Vance tries to ask about him, Gladiator informs him he has been fighting for nine centuries. But he then admits he cannot hold the monsters forever, just long enough. He then tries to reminisce about a meeting at 57 Abstract, a meeting Vance cannot remember. Kallark suspects it was a case of time-travel, meaning that while it hasn't happened for Vance yet, it will eventually. The Supreme Intelligence speaks up, agreeing with Gladiator for the need to get Geena to safety. The Kree can offer no help, only sacrifice themselves until the Guardians get away.

As the Captain America escapes, Geena reacts to what happened. Charlie and Stakar try to reassure her that while they lost their allies, they have at least learnt something, that Geena is a temporal singularity. After more talk, and Geena pointing out that in the last iteration of reality Stakar was male, Martinex reminds everyone they can't use conventional time-travel to go back in time, since the Badoon monitor and inhibit all time-travel technology. While Stakar doesn't believe this is the cause of the problem, she states they don't need conventional technology either, since Geena can guide them, along with Vance's connection to the twenty-first century. All they need is a hyper-intense gravitational effect, like a black hole, or the Old Hunger. The decision made, Marty sets course to the center of the universe, where the Old Hunger sleeps.

Yondu approaches Geena with a new weapon, telling her that while it's smaller, it is considerably more powerful than the more cumbersome weapon she already has. Before Geena can get any solid details on the Old Hunger, however, A-Sentience appears, having somehow tracked the ship through the Warp. Martinex scans it, and is surprised to find it reads as something called "The Stark". Before anyone can react to that, A-Sentience begins submission, and the ship is destroyed in an instant.

Solicit Synopsis

• The Guardians and their reluctant cosmic allies find themselves caught in a deathtrap ambush... but who is out for their blood? And with time collapsing, do they stand a hope of surviving?

• Guest-starring Gladiator of the Shi’Ar, the “original” Star-Lord, and an all-new Herald of.... you know who!


  • Long-time readers of Guardians of the Galaxy will recognize the name "Stark", since that was the name of one of their more prominent foes back in the original series. Of course, this version has absolutely no resemblance to the version encountered previously. Given the theme of time being messed with, this is evidently not an error, but another symptom of time going all screwy.
  • Staying with time going screwy, Vance Astro is shown as being short-tempered and dismissive of Martinex's intelligence, despite being a former NASA astronaut, a job that requires great deals of intelligence. Again, like the Stark, this is probably a deliberate show of time being messed with, rather than an out-and-out error.
  • Gladiator gives helpful exposition on the Badoon's prior conquests. According to him, the Skrulls, Galadorans and Xandarians are already extinct, while the Shi'ar, or at least Gladiator, has survived, and the Kree are on their last legs.
  • The conversation about Badoon monitoring time-travel is a nod to the Guardians' long history with time-travel, which in prior appearances was shown as being much easier than it is here.

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