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The Guardians stole the Kree Mact from Ronan the Accuser. But in their attempt to escape Ronan’s ship, Groot and Rocket got separated from the rest and had to use an escape pod to get away. The pod crashed on Earth and attracted the attention of the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Rocket and Groot were taken captive and brought to the Helicarrier. The rest of the Guardians followed the pod to Earth and attacked the Helicarrier to rescue their teammates and get the Kree Mact, which they believed the Avengers now had, back. However, after some fighting, they realized the Avengers were no villains and the whole thing was merely a misunderstanding.

When not much later Ronan also showed up and attacked the Helicarrier, demanding both the Kree Mact and the Guardians, Akira convinced the two teams to work together to fight him. Together, they were able to force Ronan to retreat.

The Guardians came to the Avengers aid again in the final battles with Dormammu and Loki, having been warned by Nick Fury. They first helped to defend the Helicarrier against an attack from the Mindless Ones, thus allowing the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. to complete their new Kree Mact powered cannons and defeat Dormammu with them.[1] When Loki stole Dormammu's powers for himself, the Guardians tried to fight him, but he easily defeated them and caused their ship, the Milano, to crash. The Guardians got their ship operational again just in time to help Blade and Spider-Man fight off Loki's army of Mindless Ones so that Akira could deliver the Kree Mact to Iron Man.[2]


Transportation: Milano
Weapons: Rocket Raccoon's two large laser pistols, Star-Lord's two laser pistols.


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