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How the Guardians came together reflect similar events to their Earth-199999 counterparts, via saving the galaxy from Ronan the Accuser who was perished as a result.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are a group of intergalactic heroes bent on protecting the universe from various cosmic threats. The team consists of Starlord, half-earthling, half-alien royalty armed with his amazing Element Gun; Drax, a great fighter who is also a loose cannon; Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the universe and skilled in the use of every weapon; Rocket Raccoon; a master strategist with a laser gun and rocket pack (but isn't really a raccoon); and Groot, a huge sentient alien plant. Nova worked with the team when he first received his powers, but left to return to Earth.

Meeting The Avengers

After defeating Thanos on Earth, the Guardians locate his Sanctuary at the New Avengers Facility which has been previously shrunken. Believing it to be too dangerous in the hands of Humans, they attempt brake in and steal it which led them into a fight with the Avengers, they soon made peace when they Avengers realize they're acquainted with Thor.[1]

The two groups then face against the High Evolutionary who kidnapped members of both teams to absorb their powers and plans obtaining the remains of Thanos Sanctuary, using it to absorbing the life force from the planet. Star-Lord defies a plan where one group distracts the High Evolutionary while the other goes on board his ship to destroy the Sanctuary remains, within it they find a sarcophagus. They defeat the High Evolutionary taken away the powers he absorbed and seemingly "vaporized" him using the energy from sarcophagus, the same energy caused the whole ship to disappear. Before the Guardians leave Earth, they hand the Avengers the Cosmic Seed to give back to Thor. Unknown to everyone, Rocket had secretly hidden the sarcophagus in his Pocket Dimension Storage Vial.[2]

Meeting Nova

While locating the Centurion Nova Helmet, they find it in the possession Sam Alexander due to it previously belonging to his father and refuses to give it up. Drax attempts to train him with Rocket wanting to sell it for units, Peter Quill suggests to scare Sam into giving the helmet by showing him the dangerous in space, however this only encourages him more. the Guardians the chase after Sam who flew off to Spartax tracking down a signal believing it to be a lead to his missing father but is revealed to be from J'son, who promises to help find his father by helping him escape his prison.[3]

The Guardians locate Sam, J'son and Mantis into the belly of Space Whale where they find the old ship of the Nova Centurions, in there they also learn that J'son is after the remaining Centurion Nova helmets and what happened to Jesse. Sam starts to see J'son's dark motives after killing Mantis, so he holds his son hostage until Sam locates a working helmet. Once he finally obtained a helmet, J'son uses it to find the rest and sets off leaving Sam and the Guardians to remain in the belly of the beast they also make their way out as the ship self destructs.[4]

While the Guardians fly through space looking for J'son, they have a run in with the Nova Corps who are after Sam's helmet, during the scuffle, Sam sneaks off back to his home. The Guardians go after Sam only to find him facing off against J'son who is after his helmet all. The Guardians assist Sam while protecting his family, during the battle the Nova Corp arrive to settle the fight, but not before J'son about to go "supernova". Sam drags J'son further into space to avoid damage to the neighborhood seconds before he explodes. The Guardians convince the Corpsman to allow Sam to keep his helmet and train him by blackmailing to reveal truth about the Nova's black ops team.[5]



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