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To Guard the Galaxy

Considering that independent cosmic heroes had been forced to join their might to combat the incursion of Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave into the universe[4] and Ultron and the Phalanx conquest of the Kree Empire,[5] Peter Quill, the champion legendarily known as the Star-Lord, decided to establish a proactive force to guard the galaxy without improvisation. On the recommendation of his ally Nova, the Human Rocket, Quill established a base of operations for his prospective group at the neutral station Knowhere, which conveniently had a teleportation system with near-universal range, an intelligent and psychic Soviet dog called Cosmo as its chief of security and galactic liaison to the new team[6] and the super hero team known as the Luminals of Xarth, who became Quill's rivals and neighbors.[7]

For his team, Quill enlisted former teammates and previous convicted criminals he had worked with in a special mission for the Kree Empire during the Phalanx conquest:[8] weapons expert and tactical genius Rocket and the psychic counselor Mantis. Moreover, he recruited the cosmically powerful heroes who had also played parts during the previous crises, namely Phyla-Vell, the Protector of the Universe named Quasar and wielder of the Quantum Bands, and the recently reborn Warlock, a cosmic sorcerer and former possessor of the Infinity Stones. The deadly assassins Gamora, who had a reputation as the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, and Drax the Destroyer rounded up the team.[6]

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In their first mission, the group clashed with the revitalized Universal Church of Truth in their gigantic Templeship to stop their brutal journey of forcedly converting people to their faith. During the catastrophic ordeal, Warlock realized the fabric of space-time was fragilized due to so many aggressions, paving way to interlopers to invade the universe.[6] One of these invaders came in the form of a mass of "Limbo Ice", which revealed a semi-amnesiac champion who identified himself as Major Vance Astro, of the Guardians of the Galaxy from a thousand years in the future. Astro's declaration inspired Rocket baptize their unnamed team as the 'Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]

The Guardians then confronted the Cardinals of the Universal Church of Truth in another temple, while Astro was targetted aboard Knowhere by Starhawk.[9] Matters worsened when Knowhere was revealed to have been infiltrated by shape-shifting Skrulls, inciting mistrust among the team and the Luminals as Knowhere was put under a lockdown. Simultaneously, Warlock worried about the team not being allowed to act independently within Knowhere and Drax went rogue after learning that Quill had directed Mantis to telepathically coerce the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy into joining his initiative without question.[7] Using a synapse disruptor, Drax murdered every being in Knowhere for a limited amount of time in a process that revealed the Skrulls aboard. The situation escalated with another attack by another version of Starhawk. Although the Skrulls were shown to be pacifists and Starhawk got arrested, these events led to the public revelation that Quill had tampered with his teammates' minds, something that eroded the team.[10]

With most of the members leaving the team, Rocket kept the Guardians of the Galaxy alive with Mantis, Astro and his former allies, the colossal Groot and the gallant warrior from Microverse Bug, to fight the Badoon in the Spartoi Empire. Meanwhile, Quill became a prisoner of the brutal Blastaar in the Negative Zone[11] after being banished by the Kree Accuser Ronan.[12] Wishing to access Earth, Blastaar had Quill siege the abandoned superhuman prison known as 42, created by the Initiative to house anti-registration forces. Quill teamed up with the rebellion led by Jack Flag and contacted the Guardians for help. Flag directed him to a telepath who was able to contact Mantis and get the Guardians to teleport into the Negative Zone to help fend off Blastaar's attack.[13] After rescuing Quill, the Guardians escaped the Negative Zone, keeping its access to the universe shuttered. Jack Flag stayed with the team for their next adventures.[14]

War of Kings

The former members of the Guardians went to their own quests apart from the Guardians. Warlock and Gamora tackled the Universal Church of the Truth, with Warlock planning to lead them as he had predicted another war would erupt between the Kree and the Shi'ar empires. Meanwhile, when looking for the human girl Cammi, Drax and Quasar learned their fate was intertwined with Moondragon, Drax's daughter and Quasar's lover who had been deceased since Ultron's conquest of the Kree empire. With Mentor's intervention,[15] Drax and Quasar went to the realm of Oblivion, where Phyla-Vell missed her Quantum Bands who had empowered her as Quasar. In their confusion, they were ambushed by Maelstrom, who wielded the Quantum Bands.[16] During the fight, the Dragon of the Moon consumed Phyla-Vell. As Drax continued to resist the Maelstrom, the original Quasar came to his rescue. As Martyr, Phyla-Vell burst out of the Dragon's belly with a revived Moondragon. Martyr had secretly agreed to become the new avatar of Death in the belly of the beast in order to return Moondragon.[17]

The Guardians of the Galaxy reunited as one operation to prepare for the war between the Shi'ar Emperor Vulcan, a mutant usurper, and the Inhuman Royal Family, ruled by King of the Kree Black Bolt. Warlock expected that their war would harm the fabric of the universe even further, prompting the Guardians of the Galaxy to try to prevent the imminent attacks. They split up to diplomatically discuss the consequences of the war with both sides. Rocket's team was attacked by Vulcan when sabotaging his aggressions, but were rescued and joined by the Starjammers.[18] Together, the two teams overpowered the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and had its mighty Gladiator join their cause in order to depose Vulcan and restore the throne to Majestrix Lilandra.[19]

In the Kree section, Quill's team failed at convincing the Inhumans to cease fire. Back to Knowhere, the Guardians were followed by the Imperial Guard and the Inhumans, since Warlock had been magically tagged by the guardswoman witch Magique and Martyr had taken the Inhuman princess Crystal hostage.[20] The Inhumans left after rescuing Crystal, and the Guardians dealt with the Imperial Guard by themselves in Knowhere. Warlock secretly manifested his evil future self, the Magus, to help the Guardians of the Galaxy to drive the invaders out. Simultaneously, Moondragon was influenced to release Starhawk from her imprisonment, which allowed her to kidnap some Guardians and lead them to a journey across the timestream in another attempt to prevent the collapse of the fabric of existence.[21]

As Majestrix Lilandra had been murdered,[22] a direct attack against Vulcan was made necessary. The Inhumans launched a Terrigen Bomb to the Shi'ar Galaxy.[23] Detonated by Black Bolt's sacrifice, the bomb caused Vulcan to perish[24] and opened a dimensional rift in the universe which was named the Fault. In the future, the Guardians kidnapped by Starhawk met their counterparts from the 31st century and learned that the Fault had caused severe damage in the flux of the timestream. They emitted a message to Warlock to prevent the Fault from expanding.[25] In the present, the remaining Guardians of the Galaxy joined forces with the Inhuman Royals to assess the Fault as Warlock used the Universal Church's faith engines to empower himself and stabilize the fissure. Warlock was successful in his spell, but was immediately murdered by Martyr. In retaliation, Gamora killed Martyr, but was then disposed of by Warlock himself, who had ascended as the Magus.[26]

In the future, the Guardians of the Galaxy learned about the Magus' ascension.[27] With Kang the Conqueror's help, the Guardians were sent back in time to stop the Magus as he would force all the possibilities to converge. Wielding a Cosmic Cube gifted by Kang, Quill attempted to prevent the death of his teammates, but failed as several Guardians were murdered by the Magus. In the end, Quill shot Warlock dead, ending the threat of the Magus.[28]

The Fault

The surviving Guardians of the Galaxy researched the dimension locked beyond the Fault. The cancerous and infectious entities that lived in it attacked Moondragon after the Luminals explored the Fault in Knowhere.[29] The vicious entities were also worshipped by the believers of the collapsed Universal Church of the Truth. By becoming a host of one of the monsters, Moondragon learned that they came from a parallel Cancerverse, a reality where death did not exist and life was all-enduring. She was then kidnapped by the Universal Church's leader, the Matriarch.[30] To successfully rescue Moondragon, Rocket navigated Knowhere itself with the Guardians and the Luminals aboard to her location. Finally safe and freed from the Cancerverse infection, Moondragon was able to realize her apparently dead teammates were alive. In fact, they were trapped by the Church's actual leader, the very much alive Magus.[31]

The Magus had faked his death and kept the Guardians in the catacombs of one of the Church's temples in Sacrosanct as part of his plan to bring the Cancerverse into the universe. As the avatar of Death, Martyr managed to contact Moondragon and free her teammates.[32] As the other Guardians dealt with diplomatic issues concerning the Galactic Council, Martyr was tricked by Maelstrom into releasing the Magus' archenemy from a restorative cocoon in the temple. Believing the adversary to be Warlock, she was shocked when he was revealed to be her predecessor as the avatar of Death, the Mad Titan Thanos. Back to life, Thanos murdered Martyr.[33] The Guardians of the Galaxy gathered to fight him, with Quill defeating and arresting him using the last powers of the Cosmic Cube.[34]

The Magus and the Universal Church intervened in the Fault, sacrificing their forces to allow the creatures from the Cancerverse to invade the universe. Being successful, the Magus was greeted and murdered by the undying Lord Mar-Vell, who wanted to destroy Death for good in the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy, when evaluating Thanos' condition, learned about this invasion as Thanos broke free.[35] Rocket stopped Thanos, calling a truce as Quill realized that bringing the deathbringer Thanos to the Cancerverse could be the only viable solution. Thanos guided the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Cancerverse while Nova and Quasar directed the Galactic Council's armada to stop Mar-Vell's Revengers.[36] After destroying the Defenders in Cancerverse, Thanos and the Guardians were approached by the Vision, a member of the Machine Resistance, artificial beings who had not been corrupted by endless life and offered help in Titan.[37]

Mar-Vell planned to perform a Necropsy ritual by assassinating Death's avatar just like he had done in his home reality. On the other hand, Thanos planned to reverse the ritual and restore Death in Mar-Vell's reality. However, Drax succumbed to his urges to destroy Thanos and ended up disintegrating the Mad Titan in the Cancerverse.[38] Rejected by Death, Thanos was spontaneously resurrected and permanently killed Drax in retaliation. Drax' demise led Mar-Vell to locate the Guardians in Titan.[39] Thanks to the defective Revenger Scarlet Witch, the Guardians of the Galaxy were able to invade Mar-Vell's base in Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Nova abandoned the Galactic Council's fight to join Quill and the Guardians and stop the source of Mar-Vell's attack.[40] In a direct confrontation against Mar-Vell and the Revengers, Thanos asked to be mercy-killed, which allowed Death to access Mar-Vell and end him saving the universe from his endless life. Meanwhile, Nova rescued the Guardians, who were transported away from the terminal universe. Using Kang's Cosmic Cube, Peter Quill and Nova stayed in the Cancerverse to trap Thanos behind. Following their sacrifice, the Guardians of the Galaxy discontinued their operations.[41] To keep their legacy alive, Quasar and Cosmo formed a group of mighty protectors with ties to the Galactic Council, the Annihilators.[42]

In the Cancerverse, Quill and Nova struggled to combat Thanos, being joined by a revived Drax.[27] The Revengers interrupted the fight, being able to acquire the Cosmic Cube,[28] which was subsequently usurped by Thanos. In the end, Nova sacrificed himself by using the power of the Cosmic Cube to transport Quill, Drax and Thanos back to the regular universe.[29] Learning that his father, Emperor J'son of Spartax and a member of the Galactic Council, had interests on Earth, Quill decided to reassemble the Guardians of the Galaxy to keep watch over his home planet.[43][44]

Cosmic Avengers

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The Guardians are back

In his quest for death, Thanos and his Zodiac had managed to acquire cosmic weapons from the U.S. Army on Earth. The Mad Titan met opposition in Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, and retreated.[45] After learning that Thanos had distracted them from Earth by staging a Badoon invasion, the Guardians of the Galaxy traveled to the Avengers Tower to assist the Avengers. Together, the two teams disocvered Thanos was in possession of a Cosmic Cube replica and space-traveled to stop him.[46] In Moord, the homeland of the Badoon, Thanos carried on his plans of obliterating Earth. As the Avengers and the Guardians made way through the Badoon army in Moord, Thanos ascended to godhood using the Cube.[47] Thanos sent the heroes to the Cancerverse, where Iron Man discovered that the Cosmic Cube had defects for being a copy. With Thanos' weapon being rendered useless by the heroes, he was taken into custody by the Elders of the Universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy returned to space, inviting Iron Man to join them. Moreover, following the ordeal, the Badoon considered Earth a threat to be terminated.[48][49]

King J'son alerted Quill that the Galactic Council had decided that Earth was a neutral zone where no alien civilization should act on, including the Guardians of the Galaxy. Quill expected that the decree would only aggravate animosities and instantly ventured to Earth with the Guardians to make sure it was safe. As expected, they discovered a Badoon warship heading to attack Earth.[43] After successfully defeating the Badoon, the Guardians were arrested by the galactic police as a result of the machinations of J'son of Spartax.[50] Although taken to a prison ship and locked in containment cells, the Guardians were ultimately freed by their companion Groot who had not been restrained. Reacquiring their arsenal, which had been confiscated, the Guardians of the Galaxy took the Spartax battleship for themselves[51] and celebrated their victory.[52]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 5 Textless.jpg

Treated as fugitive criminals and continuing to guard Earth, the Guardians of the Galaxy focused on the collapse of the space-time continuum. After consulting Mantis, Quill secretly approached Thanos for further explanations, learning that Earth was in fact the source of the disaster. Meanwhile, the Guardians intercepted an interdimensional interloper on the Moon.[53] The deadly warrior known as Angela was revealed to had been lost in space as a result of the crisis Quill worried about. After difficultly knocking Angela out, the Guardians found out she was not a threat and escorted her to Earth, gaining a precious ally.[47]

Thanos directed his lieutenants to an unprotected Earth in order to search for the Infinity Stones and murder his son Thane.[54] With no Avengers on the planet, S.W.O.R.D. agents failed to resist the nightmarish armada and were captured in their station, the Peak. Director Abigail Brand contacted the Guardians for help. They rescued her but were countered by Thanos' agents.[55] Angela helped her allies to combat their enemies. The Guardians' intervention allowed the Avenger Captain Marvel to fly the Avengers back to Earth after fighting a war in space against the Builders and secretly stop Thanos.[56] The Guardians searched for Thanos in Moord with no success as they did not know he was kept on Earth, but managed to liberate slaves from the Badoon.[57]

When Rocket gathered intel about the Shi'ar Empire's decision to arrest the young Jean Grey of the time-displaced X-Men from the past to put her on trial for her future crimes as the Dark Phoenix, the Guardians of the Galaxy decided to intervene. Following a Shi'ar ship to Earth, they were too late and unable to prevent the kidnapping.[58] Together with the X-Men under Kitty Pryde's supervision, the Guardians of the Galaxy tracked Jean Grey. While on the trail, their ship was attacked by the Shi'ar, but they were joined by the Starjammers.[59][60] The Guardians, the X-Men and the Starjammers managed to arrive to the Chandilar, where they confronted the Imperial Guard.[61] After escaping captivity, Jean Grey beat Majestor Gladiator and refused to be at the Shi'ar's mercy in a display of force. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Starjammers accompanied the X-Men back to Earth, consolidating a friendship between the members of the uncannily different groups.[62]

Spartax War

Peter Quill (Earth-616) and Carol Danvers (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 16 001.jpg
Captain Marvel saves Peter Quill

Iron Man appointed Agent Venom to join the Guardians of the Galaxy as Earth's liaison for the Avengers.[63] Shortly after, J'Son sent his fleet in a direct against Quill and managed to have the Guardians separately deal with different enemies, effectively disbanding the team as part of his manipulations. Rocket was tested in Kree torture laboratories, Gamora was trapped in the Badoon fight arenas, Groot was brutally left to die in Rigel 8 the Brood, Drax stood trial by the Shi'ar and Venom was violated by Skrulls.[64] However, the Guardians' ally Captain Marvel was not accounted for and saved Peter Quill from his father and the Spartax Empire. Before departing, Quill damaged his father's reputation by publicly exposing his nature as a heartless and immoral king to the Spartoi.[65] Quill and Captain Marvel gathered the rest of the Guardians, who had all thrived in their challenging situations. Venom was an exception, as he had gone missing after evading the Skrulls.[66]

Venom caused troubled in Knowhere as his parasitic symbiote acted erratically and brutalized civilians. The Guardians intercepted him by chance, separating him from his symbiote.[67] The symbiote was not properly contained and infected some of the Guardians in their ship, causing mayhem. As the Guardians fought the Venom symbiote, they were taken to planet Klyntar, the home of symbiotes, where Agent Venom recovered his control over his sanity. Simultaneously, the Spartax Council decided how to proceed with electing a new leader for the Empire as Emperor J'son had been dethroned. Peter Quill was nominated based on his opposition to his father's corruption and his activities to benefit he galaxy. Although the legendary Star-Lord himself had no idea he had been nominated, his candidacy was extremely popular in Spartax, and he was elected as their leader in absentia.[68]

Following the news of his unexpected political career, Quill kept a low profile, but was hunted down by the Slaughter Squad. The mercenaries acted on the orders of his father, who had adopted the identity of the crime-lord Mister Knife and wished to acquire the Black Vortex, an item that cosmically unleashed the cosmic potential of those who communed with it. Quill evaded his opponents with the help of his long-distance girlfriend Kitty Pryde. Fearing of such powerful item being in Mister Knife's hand, Quill and Pryde stole the artifact and turned to the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men for help.[69] The cosmically-empowered Slaughter Squad, now the Slaughter Lords, outmatched the heroes to retrieve the Black Vortex. During the battle, Gamora submitted to the Black Vortex's power,[70] giving the Guardians and the X-Men the necessary edge to escape to Spartax's moon. There, Quill tried to convince his allies to get boosted by the Black Vortex, but Pryde contested by claiming that its powers could corrupt them. The X-Men Beast[71] and Angel submitted and were corrupted by the immense power alongside Gamora. Betraying their allies, they escaped with the Vortex.[72]

While Gamora, Beast and Angel assaulted Hala in retaliation for Kree Accusers stealing the Black Vortex, the Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men were attacked by Mister Knife's flying fortress, but managed to flee on Quill's Bad Boy.[73] Subsequently coming across the Starjammers and having them joined to their mission, the heroes split up to protect Hala.[74] Ronan the Accuser empowered himself with the Black Vortex and fended off the attackers,[75] but Mister Knife's flying fortress arrived to recover the Vortex, employing its entire firepower to utterly destroy Hala. The Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men were able to escape the total obliteration of the capital of the Kree Empire.[76]

As Mister Knife finally recovered the Vortex,[77] he used it on his ally Thane, who proceeded to encase the entirety of Spartax in an amber construct, trapping its inhabitants in a state of living death. Mister Knife had made a deal with the Brood, providing them with the host bodies necessary to reproduce, in exchange of taking part of their planetary conquest.[78] When the heroes retrieved the Black Vortex once again,[79] Kitty Pryde enhanced her abilities and phased Spartax through the amber carcass, saving the planet and its inhabitants, at the same time she managed not to succumb to her new abilities. Once the dust settled and the Black Vortex was dealt with, Quill proposed to Pryde.[80]

Guardians of Knowhere

After the Multiverse was destroyed by Incursions and recreated in the form of Battleworld, the Guardians of the Galaxy were recreated, but had no memories of the previous universe, except for Gamora. Gamora had traveled down to Latverion many times, incurring the ire of Battleworld's ruler, God-Emperor Doom. Gamora had heard of Doom, but she didn't believe him to be a deity. To halt Gamora's trips, Doom sent Aldrif Doomsdottir of the Thor Corps to deal with her.

When Aldrif confronted Gamora, Gamora was rescued by Drax the Destroyer. Gamora, Drax, and Rocket Raccoon then hid out in the apartment of their former teammate, Mantis, but were then attacked by the criminal Yotat the Destroyer,[81] who sought revenge on Drax for rescuing Rocket who was confronting Yotat for killing the mob boss Giogo. After defeating the Guardians, Yotat declared Knowhere to be his.[82]

The Guardians were later aided by Aldrif who stunned Yotat with a lightning bolt, allowing Drax to attack him. Together, Drax and Aldrif defeated Yotat. Yotat then was taken into custody by the Nova Corps. After Aldrif interrogated Gamora for her reasons for not considering Doom a supreme ruler, the two got into a fight before the arrival of a mysterious woman interrupted them.[83]

Gamora and Aldrif tried talking with the woman, but the woman spoke only Kree, which neither one understood. Gamora advised Aldrif to act peaceful, but Aldrif didn't listen. So, the woman attacked the two and defeated them. The Nova Corps came in to subdue the women, but she defeated them as well, killing many of them in the process. When the woman saw the Kree symbol on Captain Marvel's uniform, she paused for a moment, allowing Aldrif and Gamora the opportunity to attack the woman by striking her in the back with their swords, which seemingly killed her.

After that, Gamora and Aldrif conversed about Gamora staying in Knowhere and obeying Doom's laws. Suddenly the woman sprang back to life and impaled Aldrif with her weapon, killing the Thor. Gamora angrily attacked the woman, but was almost killed herself. Fortunately, Drax and Rocket came to help, and together the Guardians defeated her. As Gamora mourned the loss of Aldrif, Star-Lord arrived on Knowhere and enlisted his teammates in the fight against Doom,[84] which led to the restoration of the Multiverse.[85]

Emperor Quill

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 1 Schiti Variant Textless.jpg

In the course of the following months after the universe was brought back, Peter ultimately gave in to Spartax's desire to crown him, leaving the Guardians behind. Kitty Pryde would succeed him as "Star-Lord," while Rocket replaced Peter as the leader of the team. The Guardians also received a new member, the Earth hero The Thing.

The Guardians reencountered Quill when they visited Spartax to examine an artifact they had stolen from the Chitauri, and found themselves caught in the middle of a Kree accuser named Hala's crusade against Peter Quill for his alleged participation in the destruction of the Kree home planet Hala.[86] Following Hala's defeat,[87], Quill rejoined the Guardians when his delegates took advantage of the damaged caused by the battle and ousted him from power. Peter escaped with Kitty and rejoined the Guardians, once again, as a wanted man.[88]


Following a handful of misadventures, the Guardians traveled to Earth at the request of their friend Captain Marvel to help her during the second superhuman civil war, fighting on her behalf against the forces that opposed her led by Iron Man.[89] During the ensuing battle, the Guardians' ship was destroyed, leaving them stranded on Earth.[90] To make matters worse, Thanos was imprisoned on Earth during this time, and Captain Marvel decided to share that information solely with Star-Lord to make him know she would keep that information from Gamora and Drax.[91] When Gamora found out about Thanos' whereabouts and refused to align herself with Star-Lord again, Quill decided to come clean and share that information with the rest of his teammates. However, the damage had been done, and both Rocket and Drax decided to walk away.[92]

Infinity Countdown

The Guardians went their separate ways, but the team was eventually reformed when Thanos invaded Earth. After defeating the Mad Titan and leaving him to the recently reinstated Nova Corps, the Guardians left the Earth on a makeshift ship built by Rocket.[93] During their ensuing solo adventures, Drax and Groot suffered great changes. Drax gave up on violence after his recklessness caused the death of innocent slaves he intended to save.[94] Groot was attacked by the maddened Gardener, who stole most of Groot's remains after exploding his body to build an army of twisted Flora colossi.[95] The growth of the Gardener's army prevented Groot from regrowing his entire body, and got stuck in a small size.[96] Furthermore, the wounds of the previous betrayal didn't entirely heal, so the Guardians considered disbanding after carrying out a mission on the Grandmaster's behalf.[97]

Before getting caught up in a brotherly reunion between the Grandmaster and the Collector,[98] the rest of the Guardians learned from Gamora had she was trying to find Soul Stone. A portion of her soul remained trapped within it, and Gamora wanted to free it.[99] When the Grandmaster and the Collector determined finding the missing Infinity Stones could help them uncover the secrets of the universe, Gamora convinced her teammates to help the two Elders and search for the gems, since doing so aligned with her mission, and also because possessing the Infinity Stones was a benefit on itself.[98] After helping the Nova Corps defend the Power Stone which had manifested in the planet Xitaung, which resulted in a fight during which Ant-Man became missing in action,[45] the Guardians took off with it and they were approached by Adam Warlock and Kang the Conqueror, who had joined forces to find the Time Stone and already had the Soul Stone in their possession. Gamora attempted to force Warlock to hand over the Soul Stone, and a fight broke out. During the battle, Drax managed to hold it, but was exposed to the corruption of Soulworld. He struck Gamora to prevent her from opening the gem, and departed with Warlock and Kang. In addition to Drax's betrayal, the other Guardians refused to follow Gamora into pursuing Kang. Outraged by her teammates' behavior, Gamora left them to obtain the Soul Stone on her own.[100] Following this turn of events, Star-Lord declared that the Guardians of the Galaxy were no more.[101]

Final Gauntlet

Obtaining a new ship Star-Lord named the Ryder, he and Groot aimlessly wandered space (with Rocket noticeably missing) with Quill becoming depressed over Gamora's betrayal during the Infinity Wars event and constantly drowned his sorrow in alcohol. One day, Quill and Groot investigated an energy reading received by a member of the Nova Corps at the site of a meeting being held on Thanos' former ship the Sanctuary. Upon arriving at the location of the reading, they discovered the hammer Stormbreaker pulling out Beta Ray Bill and alternate reality versions of Moondragon, Captain Marvel, and the Rider out of a black hole. Stormbreaker smashed through the Ryder's front window, and Star-Lord and Groot helped pull in everyone in. When the Nova Corps demanded that Star-Lord hand over the beings he rescued, Star-Lord refused and declared that they were his new crew.[102]

Ghost Rider later left the team when Quill refused to do anything about Thanos' possible resurrection and joined the Dark Guardians.[103] Knowing that Gamora was going to be targeted as a possible host for Thanos' resurrection and tired of waiting for Quill to snap out of his apathetic state, Groot took up leadership of the Guardians and piloted the Ryder to Halfworld where Gamora was so he and the other Guardians could protect her. Quill objected to Groot's mutiny, but Beta Ray Bill forced him to stand down.[104]

After a brief confrontation between the newest members of the Guardians and Gamora, Groot convinced Gamora to leave Halfworld and come with the Guardians to protect her from the Dark Guardians. The Guardians later encountered Nova who had come to warn them of the Dark Guardians' intention of killing Gamora. Nova then realized too late that the Dark Guardians had followed him knowing that he would lead them to Gamora. After the Guardians were warned to hand over Gamora, Gladiator damaged the Ryder with an optic blast, forcing it to land on an unnamed planet. A fight then ensued between the Dark Guardians and the Guardians, leading to Star-Lord to become badly hurt by an out-of-control optic blast from Gladiator.[105]

Peter manages to survive thanks to tough body armor, but when he woke up, he discovered that the Dark Guardians have been able to catch Gamora. With the help of Lockjaw, the Guardians went after her. However, when they arrive on the ship of the Dark Guardians, they discovered that they arrived too late, and Gamora told what happened and now the resurrection of Thanos was now inevitable.[106]

Dark Olympians

Following the return of the Olympians, reborn was as blood-thirsty world-ravagers, Nova interrupted the Guardians' vacation in Halfworld to seek their aid. Although Gamora, Drax and Groot refused out of concern for the safety of the team, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and the alternate Phyla-Vell and Moondragon assisted Nova behind their back. Joined by Marvel Boy, the makeshift team embarked on a mission to destroy New Olympus.[107] In the process of completing the operation, the Guardians liberated the captive Olympian Hercules, but Star-Lord had to manually detonate the black hole bomb while also sending the Olympians outside reality by hijacking New Olympus' dimensional rotor, leaving him for dead.[108] The Guardians were devastated by Quill's apparent death, causing the team to split, with Gamora, Groot, Drax and the original Moondragon forming their own mercenary team and being joined by the novice hero Prince of Power.[109]

The two teams quickly found themselves in opposite sides of a mission involving the planet-endangering resource mining operation of unscrupulous businessman Castor Gnawbarque,[110] a clash that ended in a truce and during which the two Moondragons merged into a single being.[111] While defending Spartax from the rampage of Knull, Nova's side of the Guardians were reunited with Star-Lord,[112] who had lived, unaging, in the other-dimensional world of Morinus for over a hundred years and had mastered new powers until the Dark Olympians escaped from New Olympus, prompting him to return to his native reality to lure them away from Morinus.[113] The two Guardians team came together to stand their ground in Daedalus 5, and they ultimately defeated the vengeful gods, killing all Dark Olympians but Zeus and his daughter Anthena, who helped the Guardians banish her father to another reality. In the aftermath of the team's victory, the Galactic Council decided to sanction the reformed Guardians of the Galaxy as protectors of the cosmos in light of the increasing uncertainty of the galactic landscape, providing them with headquarters in the space station Proscenium.[114]

The Last Annihilation

The ensuing major threat that the Guardians confronted was an invasion from the Faltine lord Dormammu of the Dark Dimension.[115] In a bid to steal power from Dormammu, Doctor Doom secretly manipulated a Skrullian fire cult into carrying out a ritual that saw Dormammu possess Ego the Living Planet,[116] and then enlisted the Guardians' help to stop the new threat, temporarily joining the team in the process.[117] With the help of the Kree/Skrull Alliance, the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda and S.W.O.R.D., the Guardians fended off Dormammu's endless wave of Mindless Ones in their attempts to conquer five different planets to use them as the points of a galaxy-sized pentagram to summon the entirety of the Dark Dimension.[118] Dormammu was ultimately defeated after a portion of Guardians helped Doctor Doom carry out a ritual to siphon a portion of his powers into himself, making the dark lord's powers falter and giving the rest of the Guardians the window of opportunity to use the Retaliator Mark II to fire a giant bullet of Mysterium, an anti-magic metal, infused the combined power of Nova's Nova Force and Star-Lord's sun powers. The attack killed Ego and banished Dormammu to the Dark Dimension.[116]



Formerly bracelets that allow for cross-universe teleportation


Various laser weapons, and melee weapons. Plus, each of the team members' arsenal.


The Somerville; formerly the Tennant, the Almond, the Bowie, the Ryder, the Milano, C.I.T.T.


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