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United Lands of Earth[]

When Earth's climate collapsed in the 1980s due to the erosion of the ozone layer, a cancer epidemic broke out and humanity readapted with bionic implants, becoming a society of cyborgs. In 1988, the American astronaut Major Vance Astro embarked upon the first manned space flight to another star system, in a mission that would take him over a thousand years to accomplish as he was in cryogenic stasis. In the 1990s, a Bionic Wars was ignited among the growing cybernetic population as food became scarce. Following a nuclear attack during the war, the first version of the United Lands of Earth Confederation was established in 1995 uniting mankind in one global government.[1] Unfortunately, anti-mutant prejudice remained strong and prompted Earth’s mutants to relocate to Jupiter’s moon of Europa.[2]

The united and prospering humanity suffered by 2001, when Martians invaded Earth and decimated, consumed and enslaved humanity. For decades, the Martians ruled the planet before mysteriously abandoning it in 2075. Afterward, during barbaric centuries, Earth was ruled by “Techno-Barons” in various warring city-states. By 2525, the last of these Barons were dethroned, enabling Earth to create a new Global Federation by 2553. Over the course of the following century, Earth colonized the other planets of the solar system, genetically engineering each specific populace to withstand the environment of each colony, many of which were specialized outposts. Earth began a new golden age of scientific and social advancement. Jupiter became Earth’s manufacturing colony and main military installation; Mercury was a mining colony; Pluto housed scientific expeditions. By the mid 2900s, Earth constructed their first starship fleet based in Harkovian Physics, arriving at the nearest star system Alpha Centauri, and founding a colony in Centauri-IV, home of tribal society of the Centaurians.[1]

This new golden age was not destined to last. In 3006, Major Astro reached Centauri-IV, being shocked to find Earthmen in his destination, but also celebrated as hero upon landing. The male Badoon of the Eastern Sector invaded the solar system one year later, destroying many of Earth's colonies and ultimately killing nearly every inhabitant of the three settlements on Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, and Centauri-IV. Commander Drang ruled Earth himself, decimating the technologically inferior space fleet of the United Lands of Earth. Millions of human beings were exterminated and the remainder forced into slave labor.[3]

The Badoon Wars[]

Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691) from Astonishing Tales Vol 1 29 0001

The Guardians of the Galaxy

Space militia pilot Charlie-27, a native to the Jupiter colony, returned from a solo tour of duty and discovered his home world overrun by the Badoon. He escaped by jumping into a teleportation tube and arrived on Pluto. He joined forces with Martinex, the last Plutonian left on the planet, who had volunteered to stay behind when his people evacuated in order to destroy Pluto's scientific achievements to keep them out of enemy hands. Charlie-27 and Martinex teleported to Earth, hoping to learn the extent of the Badoon invasion. On Earth, Major Vance Astro was captured alongside the Centauri Yondu, whose tribe had been exterminated by a marauding Badoon. Astro and Yondu evaded them and encountered Charlie-27 and Martinex. The four survivors decided to band together to rid the Earth and its colonies from Badoon oppression. In the years to come, their resistance built a reputation as the Guardians of the Galaxy, becoming a force committed to oppose the Badoon occupation.[3] Counting with little resources, the Guardians sought for a vehicle. In Jupiter, they clashed with the Badoon, eventually crashing in Europa, the now abandoned mutant former oasis. There, they managed to empower themselves with super hero costumes and a spaceship they baptized as Captain America.[4]

Seven years later, in 3014, the Earth-woman Tarin was accidentally transported over a thousand years back in time and across dimensions by the Fantastic Four's Time Platform in the Baxter Building. There, she encountered Captain America, Sharon Carter, and the Thing, eliciting their help in her time. Falling to the Zom Patrol and the Monsters of Badoon, the time-traveling heroes were captured by Drang.[5] Tarin had her superior, Zakkor contact the Guardians of the Galaxy, who, inspired by Captain America, joined with the heroes from the past in finally freeing New York City from the Badoon.[6]

Having a long way ahead of themselves, the Guardians of the Galaxy kept their efforts of liberating Earth's empire from the Badoon. They traveled a thousand years back to the past, in hopes of collecting a Badoon memory tape containing a detailed account of the aliens' first and invasion attempt in the 20th Century that had ultimately failed due to the Silver Surfer. In the past, they encountered the Defenders and helped them defeat the monster Eelar.[7] Although they failed to find the info they had come for, they recruited the Defenders to help them liberate Earth once again.[1]

Back in the 31st century, the heroes unwittingly found themselves in the home planet of the Badoon, where the Sisterhood of Badoon resided. Assisted by the mysterious Starhawk,[8] the "one-who-knows", they enlisted the female Badoon to oppose their male counterparts.[9] The Defender Doctor Strange reassembled the heroes and magically sabotaged the Badoon, prompting Starhawk to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Badoon were compromised and the Guardians had a new chance to stop them for good, leading the Defenders to return to the past.[10] In time, the Badoon Empire was ultimately routed as the Guardians deactivated all of their bases and had the Sisterhood of Badoon arrest the prisoners.[11]

Journey to the Center of the Galaxy[]

After the Badoon's final defeat, the Guardians of the Galaxy found themselves unable to fit into civilian life and decided to leave Earth as per Starhawk's suggestion, since he had a mission for the team.[11] As space explorers aboard the Captain America starship, they found a craft adrift in outer space and inhabited by last surviving Mercurian colonist, Nikki. A survivor of the Badoon invasion and a weapons expert, she joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. Marching towards the center of the galaxy, the Guardians of the Galaxy clashed with the Karanada, an all-consuming and empty entity that feasted on galaxies. Starhawk seemingly perished when attacking the void of hunger by himself.[12]

With their ship afflicted by technical difficulties, the Guardians of the Galaxy found their quest momentarily interrupted as they were stranded on an asylum planet that came to emulate Earth.[13] Back to their mission, the group witnessed the Karanada devouring several worlds. Traveling inside it, the Guardians found Starhawk alive and reached the Convent of Living Fire. Meanwhile, Vance Astro discovered the humanoid planetoid known as the Topographical Man,[14] merging with it. After the nuns of the Living Fire had Nikki ascend to a fiery cosmic form, she joined Astro in a metaphysical act of love that destroyed the Topographical Man, as the source of the Karanada, ending its threat.[15]

During the adventure, Starhawk's home in a orbital meteorite was destroyed by the Reavers of Arcturus. This caused his form to be replaced by an alternate form as Aleta, who was Starhawk’s stepsister and wife.[15] Aleta led the Guardians of the Galaxy to the Arcturus system and informed the team that she shared her existence with Starhawk and that their three children were missing. The children had been kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into psychic vampires by their grandfather Ogord, who wished for revenge against the defecting Starhawk.[16] During the combat against the Reavers, Captain America was destroyed.[17] In retaliation, the Guardians of the Galaxy managed to overpower Ogord. However, as they attempted to interrupt the mind control devices in the children, their powers reversed and were aged at an unstoppably fast rate, being turned to dust, forever scarring Aleta's and Starhawk's relationship.[18]

Escaping Arcturus in Ogord's scout-ship Kammar, the Guardians reached a lost Federation space station named Drydock. There, the malfunctioning computer Hollis-12 entrapped the Guardians and tormented Charlie-27 with holograms of his former Jovian allies. Eventually, Charlie-27 was able to free the Guardians of the Galaxy and deactivate the erratic intelligence. With Drydock as their new base, the Guardians of the Galaxy got access to technilogical wonders as their new resources,[19] among them a new ship, the Freedom’s Lady.[20]


The Guardians of the Galaxy's fate got intertwined with the heroes from the past one more time. When investigating the source of a deadly power beam, they were attacked by a mysterious assailant and found the frozen body of God of Thunder Thor, who had been unwittingly transported through time being lost in outer space. The menace was revealed to be Korvac, a former human slave of the Badoon who became a cyborg with living computer intelligence and teleporting and mind-controlling abilities. Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy were attacked by Korvac's Minions of Menace in Korvac's planetoid as the villain planned to obliterate the Solar System. During the battle, Korvac was overpowered but vanished before being defeated. Thor returned to his era following Korvac's disappearance.[20]

Korvac actually teleported himself to Thor's era, where he tampered with Galactus' Worldship absorbing enough Power Cosmic to achieve god-like power levels.[21] The Guardians of the Galaxy followed him, taking Drydock to Earth's orbit in the past. S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury alerted the Avengers about the interloping space station. As Earth's Mightiest Heroes investigated, Thor introduced the Guardians of the Galaxy as heroes from the future. They revealed to the Avengers they hoped to protect Vance Astro’s teenage counterpart, who was a likely target for Korvac, the Enemy.[22]

Adopting the civilian identity of Michael, Korvac was untraceable to most of his adversaries, except to Starhawk and Aleta. He secretly rendered himself invisible to Starhawk's cosmic senses, being effective in hiding himself from the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers.[23] Korvac had other opponent in the form of the Elder of the Universe Collector, who kidnapped several Avengers to protect them from Korvac's ire. The Guardians of the Galaxy tracked the Collector's base and the Avengers stormed it, being able to defeat him. Before they could acquire information about Korvac, the Collector was furtively slain. Moreover, the Collector's daughter Carina had involved herself with Korvac as part of her father's plan of stopping him. She defected, however, after falling in love with Korvac and his ideas for the universe.[24]

The source of the blast that ended the Collector was pinpointed by the Avengers in Forest Hills. The group found the seemingly inoffensive Michael and Carina. However, as Starhawk was unable to perceive Michael, he revealed himself as Korvac to the heroes.[25] The other Guardians were immediately summoned to help in the fight. Korvac exploded Drydock, seemingly killing Vance Astro. During the fight, however, Korvac and Carina broken-heartedly saw no sense in their goals, wishing themselves to be dead instead.[26] Following their enemy's suicide, the Guardians of the Galaxy were granted honorary membership in the Avengers and planned to return to their century by using the Collector's technology.[27]

As the Guardians checked out the Collector's ship, Drydock, which had been restored after Korvac's demise, was seized by the alien known as Faceless One, who captured Ms. Marvel in order to control her. To torment Ms. Marvel, the villain forced her former work colleague Salia Petrie to attack her. Ms. Marvel teamed up with Vance Astro, who had evading the villain by himself. Together, the two heroes defeated the Faceless One, recovered Petrie and freed Drydock.[28] Drydock then became a target for the Deterrence Research Corporation, in an attempt to destroy it and steal its futuristic secrets. In retaliation, the Guardians of the Galaxy counter-attacked, wishing to eliminate records of their existence in the 20th century to guarantee their existence in the future. With Spider-Man's help, the Guardians had their secret safe and returned to Drydock.[29]

After making the necessary adjustments to time travel, the Guardians of the Galaxy were ready to embark to the 31st century. However, before leaving, they discovered Vance Astro had gone missing. Starhawk contacted Thing and the Fantastic Four for help in locating Astro, who had arrived on Earth in order to make contact with his teenage self in order to convince him of never becoming an astronaut. The coexistence of the same being from different eras could cause catastrophic results to the fabric of space-time. The Guardians of the Galaxy attempted to prevent their teammate from destroying the possibilities of their group being formed in the future. In the end, Major Astro's influence caused a divergence in reality as he unleashed his younger self's latent psionic powers. His and the Guardians' existence was still ensured, but the boy he was would not grow up to become a Guardian of the Galaxy.[30] The Guardians were finally able to return to the 31st century, the era they truly belonged to.[31]

Back home, the Guardians still fought the Badoon hordes, when Starhawk's senses were nullified once again and he claimed that another confrontation with Korvac was imminent. To negate Korvac, the Guardians of the Galaxy returned to the past one more time, contacting the Fantastic Four for help. Before ending his life, Korvac had transferred his power and essence to an ancestor of his in order to avoid an Ultimate Nullifier beam fired by Galactus. Mister Fantastic redirected the beam across times, forcing Korvac to escape one more time.[32] The Guardians followed Korvac to the 26th century, expecting to intercept another of his ancestors, the man named Varley. Corrupted by Korvac's powers, Varley easily captured the Guardians, who were freed by that era's Thor. The villain was consumed and Korvac's essence fled to the future.[33]

The Guardians of the Galaxy made their way to a man named Marshach, an ally of the Protector of the Universe Silver Surfer who had used Korvac's power to create a paradise world. The Silver Surfer fought to protect his friend from the Guardians of the Galaxy, but was ultimately suspicious upon noticing that Marshach wielded Galactus' Power Cosmic and tortured the Guardians. This led Marshach to renounce Korvac's essence, which one more time jumped to the future.[34] In the year of Korvac's birth, 2977, the Guardians of the Galaxy made their final stop. On the Moon, the Guardians faced Korvac's father. The fight was moved to the Watcher's Citadel. After being born, Korvac consumed his own father to acquire power. The omnipotent infant was encased by Sorcerer Supreme Krugarr and his master, the Ancient One, and had his power reclaimed by Galactus. The Guardians of the Galaxy faced the dilemma of ending Korvac in the past and prevent his ascension. Convinced by Aleta, they ultimately returned him to his mother and traveled back to their time.[4]

Quest for the Shield[]

In 3017, the Guardians of the Galaxy embarked on a quest dedicated to recovering the lost shield of Captain America due to an excerpt from the prophetic Book of Antag. During their quest, they found a technologically advanced bomb in the primitive planet Courg. This was part of an invasion performed by conqueror Taserface of the ravaging race known as Stark,[31] who worshipped Tony Stark after experiencing a technological revolution by having contact with his arsenal. In a brutal display, the Guardians fought the Stark, which resulted in the separation of Starhawk and Aleta[35] as well as the destruction of the Freedom’s Lady.[36] Starhawk recruited the former Herald of Galactus Firelord to help the Guardians achieve victory, although he honorably refused to accompany the group permanently. Claimed a Stark Earth-like spaceship for their own, the Guardians named it the Captain America II.[37]

Captain America's shield was found by the Guardians in a planet run by the artificial intelligence named Mainframe. Due to the recurring competition of the mercenary team Force, who also wished for the shield, Mainframe envisioned a contest to determine which group was worthy of the boon. The Guardians of the Guardians experienced challenging matches against the Force,[38] but were ultimately victorious as Major Vance Astro proved himself worthy of wielding the shield though at the cost of Martinex's safety. The Force retreated, being lost to the Guardians.[2]

The Protégé[]

Following their success, the Guardians of the Galaxy wandered through space, eventually finding several beings trapped in cryogenic sleep. Upon contact with the station, they found the vampiric Malevolence feasting on the captured people. Malevolence was fended off by Starkhawk and escaped, expressing her wishes of looking for a "child". Martinex recovered after this confrontation[39] and unsuccessfully asked Astro to become the leader of their group. Meanwhile, Yondu became a problematic teammate, as his obsession with the Centaurian member of the Force Photon caused him to rebel against the Guardians in order to search for her and repopulate his species. After a fight, he was calmed down by Starhawk.[40]

In their next adventure across the galaxy, the Guardians landed on planet Haven, the final destination of Earth's mutants. The planet was ruled by Rancor and her few mutant lieutenants, with the majority of the population being enslaved humans. Starhawk sent some of the Guardians to diplomatically dialogue with Rancor and others of them to assist the Huma Resistance. Rancor's forces captured the Guardians and killed the Resistant except for human Giraud and the shapeshifter Replica.[41] The Guardians brutally retaliated, with Starhawk introducing Giraud to the power of the Phoenix.[42] The Guardians of the Galaxy defeated Rancor, who fled with her lieutenants, while Starhawk executed a massive exodus from Haven to Mainframe's planet by himself, causing the Guardians to distrust him.[43]

Replica then infiltrated Captain America II in wishes of becoming a Guardian of the Galaxy, something that was revealed when the Guardians successfully assisted Firelord combat Taserface, who in seek of vengeance and piloting an updated armor as Overkill.[44] Overkill had planted a bomb in Captain America II which was intercepted by Aleta. Before the Guardians could make the necessary repairs, they were attacked by Autolycus, the Spirit of Vengeance from planet Sarka, who believed the Guardians to be part of the Universal Church of Truth and knocked Starhawk out. Upon learning Replica was a worshipper of the Church, the star rider attacked the heroes,[45] but ultimately helped them evade the Universal Church's fleet with no success. Some of the Guardians were captured, but escaped the Church due to the actions of opposite believers Replica and the Spirit of Vengeance.[46]

As Starhawk informed Aleta about the messiah of the Universal Church of Truth Protégé soon choosing a Matriarch for their organization,[46] she led a mission to prevent Malevolence, now leading the Force, from reaching the position. Malevolence's father, Mephisto, was revealed to have manipulated the crises that afflicted the Guardians in a quest for power. In the Homeworld, the Guardians joined the race for the matriarchy and fought the Force, when Replica was revealed to be a Skrull.[47] As the two groups agreed on a truce, Aleta personally challenged Malevolence, being victorious after the Protégé led his believers to attack the Guardians and the Force. However, Starhawk reabsorbed Aleta before she could finish Malevolence. Protégée led the Guardians leave under the condition of Replica staying as his playmate, while Malevolence was coronated as the Matriarch of the Universal Church of Truth.[48]


In pain for Aleta's demise, Major Vance Astro demanded to be returned to Earth and called for Starhawk's expulsion. After four years from their last visit, the Guardians of the Galaxy found the planet in ruin and were met by Tarin and her Commandeers. It was revealed that most of humanity became a victim to an overwhelming addiction to a holographic system pirated from Badoon technology while a gang of deadly Punishers emerged from the disaster. Considering their small scope of action, Martinex relinquished leadership of the Guardians of the Galaxy to Major Vance Astro and established himself in Mainframe's world in order to expand the group's operations,[49] eventually envisioning the splinter team named Galactic Guardians, composed of past allies.[50]

In their war against the Punishers, the Guardians and the Commandeers were offered help by the Inhuman survivor named Talon, while his master Krugarr tended to Vance Astro's health after having been shot by a Punisher.[51] The fugitive heroes learned the Brotherhood of the Badoon was back to Earth and behind the recent tragedies.[52] Krugarr restored Astro back to full health using the ionic blood of the Commandeer Hollywood. Rebranded as Major Victory, Astro liberated his allies from the Badoon and the Punishers. Charlie-27 devised a plan to detonate the villains' base and end their threat. Following their victory, the Guardians formed a base on Earth in the ruins of the Avengers Mansion and welcomed Talon to their ranks.[53]

When Rancor and her lieutenants invaded Earth looking for her ancestor Wolverine in Madripoor, the Guardians intervened.[54] The fight was influenced by a transformed Starhawk, now a being of darkness.[55] Starhawk betrayed the Guardians of the Galaxy, attacking them instead of Rancor and her mutant allies. With Aleta taking control over his actions, the Guardians managed to recover and strike at Rancor, who escaped following her defeat.[56] Soon after, the Guardians of the Galaxy were visited by the Silver Surfer on Earth, who, as the Protector of the Universe and wielder of the Quantum Bands as the Keeper, informed them about Galactus planning to consuming the Arima planet in the Centauri star system.[57] Joining Firelord, the Guardians of the Galaxy focused their might on stopping Galactus. As the Keeper evacuated the water-breathing Alphans from the doomed Arima to Centauri-IV, Yondu discovered there were survivors in his native planet[58] and chose to leave the team to act as the holy warrior for his people.[50]

Back From the Future[]

Starhawk proposed to the Guardians of the Galaxy that the Badoon should be destroyed in the age of heroes of the 20th century, before accomplishing their conquest.[59] Simultaneously, Talon became inflicted with Graal's hereditary disease, effectively forcing the Guardians were forced to return to the past to receive specific aid for his Inhuman physiology. Arriving in Attilan in the past, the Guardians experienced a momentary conflict with the Inhuman Royal Family, who ultimately agreed to aid Talon. As he received medical treatment, the heroes fended off and defeated the Magus' evil doppelgängers, part of his attack on Earth's superhumans.[60]

Seeking to help Earth, the Guardians of the Galaxy investigated the attack and found the Avengers headquarters being sieged by Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil, who had taken advantage of the Avengers not being home while fighting the Magus. During the battle, the heroic Master of Evil Yellowjacket assisted the Guardians, betraying her group and leading to their defeat.[61] However, Doctor Octopus retaliated and stood triumphant. The ordeal was interrupted by more doppelgängers, forcing Guardians and Masters to team up. With the doppelgängers defeated, the Avengers Complex was saved.[62]

Contrary to Major Victory's will, the Guardians of the Galaxy resumed their mission of ending the Badoon in the past, being influenced by a dark Starhawk who then went missing. Major Victory preventively alerted the Badoon about the attack, providing them with advantage.[63] The Badoon proposed a gladiator contest, and a bloodlust Nikki attacked her teammates to be the chosen warrior,[64] while the Badoon selected Captain Universe L'Matto in order to prevent their genocide. Charlie-27 stopped Nikki and joined the battle instead, being brutally beaten. Doctor Strange then teleported Major Victory to the Baddon homeworld through the Dark Dimension in order to help the Guardians of the Galaxy.[65] Simultaneously, Aleta proved her power over Starhawk, transforming him into a kid and sending him to relive his life in an endless cycle. Ascending as the new Starhawk, she rejoined the Guardians, defeated Captain Universe alongside Doctor Strange and proved her might to the Badoon, reprimanding them about attacking the solar system.[66]

Doomed Earth[]

Due to Charlie-27's injuries, the Guardians of the Galaxy were forced to return to their future. They found out they had picked up Yellowjacket as a hitchhiker. With her size-changing abilities she was able to stabilize Charlie-27. Rather than return her to her time, the team welcomed her into their membership. Contacting Martinex and his Galactic Guardians to help Charlie-27, the Guardians of the Galaxy found themselves battling the dread Dormammu,[67] who destroyed Drydock after escaping the Dark Dimension. Recovered in the Galactic Guardians' ship, the Icarus, the heroes stroke back.[68] Dormammu outpowered the heroes, murdering the Ancient One.[69] Ultimately weakened by the Guardians, Dormammu was banished by Talon and Krugarr.[70]

Aboard the Icarus, the Guardians of the Galaxy marched to Earth to check on the Comandeers, but found them brutally murdered by the Retox. Moreover, they clashed with Rancor and her lieutenants once again, learning that Earth had been thrown into a virtual reality addiction disgrace due to the actions of Doctor Doom, whose consciousness inhabited the Adamantium skeleton of Wolverine.[71] Following a battle between Doom and a rebellious Rancor, the Guardians detonated his complex, ending his plans. Tarin became President of what remained of the United States and was given the shield of Captain America by Major Victory.[72]

Wishing to restore literacy among the people who lived on Earth, Tarin asked the Guardians of the Galaxy to retrieve the Book of Kells. In their quest, the Guardians met Cuchulain, the Irish Wolfhound, and his guardian, Shamrock. Joined by Hollywood, the heroes fought Samhain and his banshees for the tome. With the villain defeated and book found, the Irish heroes were offered a place on the team, but declined membership, hoping to serve as Earth-bound heroes.[73]

Another remnant of Doom's activities was the Inhuman slave mines in the Moon. Talon asked the Guardians of the Galaxy to help him liberate his people. The mines were ruled by Loki, and the Guardians were attacked by the Composite in the lunar caverns.[74] Starhawk directly confronted Loki, being accidentally sent to Asgard, where an ignoble, alcoholic and unworthy Thor intervened.[75] As Loki led his Inhuman minions to invade Asgard, the Guardians of the Galaxy followed.[76] Thor's son, the God of Thunder Woden, wielded his father Mjolnir, bested Loki in battle alongside the Guardians, who cleansed Asgard from the Inhuman invaders.[77]

Starhawk immediately gathered the Guardians of the Galaxy to assess the Beyonder's recent activities regarding the Protégé. However, when recruiting Yondu, the Guardians learned that their intervention in the Badoon Empire in the past created a temporal diversion due to Charlie-27 leaving a Centaurian Yaka dagger in the Badoon world. This artifact led the Badoon to discover Centauri-IV and inbreed with the natives hundreds of years before their original invasion. In Centauri-IV, the Guardians were also greeted by the original Starhawk,[78] who decided to return to the past one more time to correct the timeline.[79] The Starhawks corrected the temporal diversion by seizing the Yaka dagger from the past.[80]

In the 31st century, the Beyonder summoned the Guardians of the Galaxy to deal with the omnipotent Protégé, now corrupted by Mephisto and Malevolence. Mephisto made Major Victory vulnerable to rapid aging again, and the Beyonder saved his life with a new containment suit.[80] The Protégé and the Beyonder fought each other, being interrupted by the Living Tribunal, Eternity, the Hawk God and a Celestial while the Guardians faced Mephisto.[81] The Protégé ascended to godhood, but was defeated by the cojoined efforts of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the abstract entities. In the end, the Protégé was arrested by the cosmic gods, while Mephisto and Malevolence were banished. Aleta was unlinked to the Hawk God, with the original Starhawk being the only one to serve as its avatar.[82]

War of the Worlds[]

Rancor and her lieutenants managed to seize control of the Inhuman settlement. Seeking to evade the Guardians of the Galaxy, they devised a scheme to sabotage them by kidnapping them to the new mutant planet, Haven II. As per Rancor's machinations, Charlie-27 was framed, being arrested on the false charges by the Constabulary. After being raped by Rancor, Talon teleported the team away from her planet.[83] The Guardians focused on liberating Charlie-27, who was accused of being the murderer "Ripjack", from a maximum security prison planet, Stockade, recruiting Cuchulain for their mission.[84] Talon devolved himself in order to heal from past injuries, going feral, losing his worth before Krugarr and being shrunk down by Yellowjacket.[85] Meanwhile, the Guardians fought a child-minded inmate in the form of Drax the Destroyer in Stockade. Charlie-27's freedom was negotiated as he was proven to be innocent.[86]

Investigating the activities of the real Ripjak, the Guardians of the Galaxy learned he was based on Mars. On the red planet, the heroes found several trophies of the Martian invasion of Earth in the war of the two worlds from one thousand years before.[87] Ripjak assaulted the Guardians in the name of Mars as the last Martian, knocking them out and resuming his massacre.[88] Confronting the serial killer, the Guardians learned he actually had as his mission eliminating a plague that had eradicated the Martians and many other races in the galaxy.[89]

The heroes realized they faced the threat of Bubonicus, a genocidal plague-bringer who had previously clashed with the Galactic Guardians and was responsible for the galactic epidemic.[90] Major Victory vouched for Ripjak as an ally, much to the defiance of other members, who had not consented to it. Assisted by the High Evolutironary, Ripjak and Major Victory had Bubonicus defeated. The Guardians regrouped, electing Charlie-27 as their leader to replace Major Victory as they temporarily separated to gain perspective.[91]

Charlie-27 and Nikki investigated rumors about Jovian survivors being enslaved,[92] Yellowjacket decided to return to her era,[93] the erratic Talon permanently left to search his offspring with Rancor,[94] and Major Victory and Aleta investigated the Beyonder's suit Astro worn. Martinex approached the Guardians, informing that Mainframe had analyzed that the war between Earth and Mars and that the Ripjak affair granted enough data to conclude that the attack from Mars could be stopped in the past. Under Charlie-27’s direction, the reunited team traveled back in past, counting with Martinex and Hollywood in their ranks. Their attempt to stop the Martian invasion from ever occurring was successful. However, when trying to return to their rightful home time, they were sabotaged by Loki's former minion, the Inhuman Wormhole, and became lost in space-time.[95]

The Guardians of the Galaxy soon made their way back to the past one more time, this time meeting the New Warriors, a group of teen super heroes led by Vance Astro's young counterpart, now named Justice. To protect the time continuum, the Guardians attacked the New Warriors Speedball, who was in fact a time-traveling impostor. This led to a confrontation between the two groups, which was interrupted by Timeslip.[96]

Some few years later, in the past, Vance Astro was found in Limbo Ice by a group of galactic protectors that banded together after the Annihilation Wave invasion and the Phalanx conquest of the Kree Empire. Acting as cosmic hero in the past alongside these heroes, he paradoxically led them to name themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.[97]

Time Runs Out[]

The Guardians of the Galaxy got stuck in a time loop caused by a temporal instability. For that reason, they relived their war against the Badoon many times. On Earth, they rescued and recruited the young Geena Drake, which Starhawk's senses identified as vital to their success.[98] In the Hideaway Parliament in Deneb, the Guardians of the Galaxy tried to convince other societies to help them escape the ever folding timestream, but were massacred by the Badoon forces. After living this experience more than once and realizing the nature of the loop, Geena Drake decided to counter the attack.[99]

Escaping the Badoon, the Guardians were attacked by the Stark based A-Sentience when devising a plan to stop the erosion of time,[100] but eventually realized their enemies intended to prevent the end of reality as well. With the help of Spartax King Star-Lord,[101] some the Guardians marched to the remains of Galactus, the Old Hunger, to be able to time travel, being intercepted and joined by the last Nova. After fighting the Herald Stormfront, the Guardians of the Galaxy entered the Old Hunger. The rest of the team witnessed their negotiations with Stark being destroyed by attacks performed by Nikki, who they were unable to recognize due to the time loop they had been trapped in.[102]

Galactus informed Geena Drake about the upcoming end of existence in the past. Upon their arrival alongside Star-Lord and a Stark robotic unit, the fourth millennium Guardians of the Galaxy met their counterparts from the third millennium. The Stark unit reassembled the A-Sentience in the past, and the two groups of Guardians joined forces to stop them.[103] Starhawk was able to link all the Guardians' minds, being able to restore their memories about each other that had been lost due to the temporal instability. The Guardians of the Galaxy then cloaked themselves and followed the Stark units to find the source of the temporal instability in Forest Hills.[104]

Geena Drake and Yondu furtively entered a common house to face the bringer of the instability: Korvac.[104] Korvac justified his actions by arguing he had been dismantling time to recreate the Multiverse under his guidance. He had manipulated Geena Drake, as a singular being on the entire Multiverse and the stable reference point around which he would recreate the universe. Before he could end his explanation, he was interrupted by Yondu, who shot him in the head and caused a time slip that kept only the time traveling Guardians on the site. This coincided with the last incursion, which caused the end of the Multiverse. Supported by the Guardians, Korvac tried to stop the universal decay, but failed to do so, leaving Geena Drake as the only survivor of the end of existence.[105]





  • Most of the members of the Guardians are also honorary members of the Avengers.

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