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  • Jim Valentino wrote his GOTG stories as if a sliding timescale also applied to Earth-691 and that events set in that timeline's relatively-near future should be shifted forward in time so that the real world years could not catch up to future events. Accordingly, since the comic that established that the Martians would conquer Earth in 2001 A.D. was published in 1975,[1] in this issue, published in 1992, that invasion was shifted far enough into the 21st century that the Franklin Richards who fought in the War of the Worlds alongside Captain America, Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer was an adult. This is may have also been why the Protector of the Universe who died during that war was not identified as being Quasar until after a different writer took over the series.
  • Charlie-27's statement that Korvac's life force skipped ahead through time some 500 years after the Guardians encountered it in the late 20th century and that it was at first on Earth before jumping to that idyllic paradise planet implies that Dargo Ktor and Marshach both lived in the late 25th century. This is incorrect. Dargo found Mjolnir in the late 26th century while Marshach died 500 years before 3018 A.D., the year in which this story takes place, which would be the early 26th century. Apparently, the Korvac power must have jumped back in time and between timelines on its journey.

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