Quote1.png We didn't come here to fight -- we need your help! Our friend may be dying -- Quote2.png
-- Major Victory

Appearing in "Back From the Future!"

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Synopsis for "Back From the Future!"

The Guardians time-travel to the late-20th Century, planning to preemptively destroy the Badoon. Major Victory argues his disappointment with their mission. Talon collapses from Gral's Disease, an illness that affects Inhumans. He asks the team to take him to the moon, the current location of Attilan. The Inhuman Royal Family discusses an earlier explosion at Four Freedoms Plaza. Suspicious and distrustful, they attack the arriving Guardians. Major Victory ends the battle with a psychokinetic wall of energy. The Guardians and Inhumans explain their situations, and send Talon to the medical center. Doppelgangers appear and attack the heroes, but are defeated. Before departing with his team, Talon reveals that the Inhumans were betrayed in the 31st Century by "a Royal, but not an Inhuman."


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