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Quote1.png The name is Major Victory -- remember it when they're filling out your report in the emergency room! Quote2.png
-- Major Victory

Appearing in "Let Loose the Dogs of War!"

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Synopsis for "Let Loose the Dogs of War!"

The Guardians battle the second wave of Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil. Their fight is interrupted by doppelgangers of both teams. The Guardians and Masters agree to join forces. They defeat the first set of doppelgangers together, then another batch that arrives. Eventually, the doppelgangers stop appearing. Doctor Octopus wishes to continue invading Avengers Mansion. However, his team expresses gratitude towards the Guardians and chases Octavius away instead.

While fighting the Starhawk doppelganger externally, Stakar and Aleta struggle internally for control of their combined body.


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