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Synopsis for "A Dagger of the Mind"

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  • This storyline about how the Guardians inadvertently altered the history of Yondu's world when they left his Yaka dagger on Moord in the past doesn't really work. For one thing, since the two timelines had already diverged by that point, anything that they did in the Earth-616 reality would have had no effect on the Earth-691 reality.
  • For another thing, having the Badoon conquer Centauri IV in the 21st century and wipe out most of the male Centaurians should have drastically altered the history of Earth as well. Since at least some of his ancestors would have been killed, Yondu would have never been born and therefore could not have been present to help Major Astro survive on a planet dominated by Badoon/Centaurian hybrids. Without two of its founding members, the Guardians of the Galaxy would never have existed and thus would not have played their vital part in defeating the Badoon. And yet, the Earth to which the Guardians returned seemed to be identical to the one that had existed when they left.
  • The only solution to these flaws is that, despite what the writer intended, this actually isn't an altered timeline situation. Instead, it's a case of a planet from one timeline overlapping or switching places with its counterpart in another timeline. In this case, the planet Alpha Centauri IV from Reality-9445 somehow replaced Centauri IV in Reality-691.
  • How and why both Yondu and Stakar ended up on Alpha Centauri IV has never been explained.

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