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Appearing in "Other Worlds, Other Wars."

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Synopsis for "Other Worlds, Other Wars."

On another iteration of Earth, the 31st century Guardians of the Galaxy are battling their foes known only as the Keepers and their robotic Tripods. All the while, their leader Starhawk senses a deep flow of tachyons. It is then that the 21st century Guardians materialize in this future. The only problem is, Star-Lord is more elderly, Mantis is a baby, Cosmo's a puppy and Bug has been turned into a teenager; only Jack Flag remains unaged. The two Guardian teams team-up and fend off the tripods, before escaping to a safe-house. When Jack mentions to Starhawk that he looks different than the female version they met last time, the latter suddenly gains the memories of all the Starhawks that preceded him.

Starhawk goes on to explain to the 21st century Guardians that they have slipped into another iteration of the future, which is constantly in flux. As a result, the timestream is seeing them as anomalies and is rejecting them in certain ways. As for the matter of Jack, he is actually slipping into adjacent dimensions and therefore, will disappear from reality.

Seeing as they need to get back to the 21st century as soon as possible, the Guardians decide to sneak into Avengers Mansion, which is now the Keepers' command center. Using the tunnels leading to the mansion, they gain access to an underground vault, containing all of the Avengers' arsenal -- including Doctor Doom's time machine. But before they could use it, the Guardians suddenly tumble through different versions of the future, before landing in a future where Magus and the Universal Church of Truth rule.

Solicit Synopsis

Who are the Guardians of the Galaxy? In the wake of the War of Kings, the 31st Century is hit by wave after wave of temporal distortions! Rocked by this lethal and uncertain era, a handful of surviving Guardians must confront faces from the future that you should find very familiar! Yes, it’s another unpredictable chapter in the series that Wizard says “spans every genre to deliver the best space-based Marvel tale this side of the Milky Way.”


  • In this issue, Star-Lord reveals he is 32 years old.

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