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Quote1.png She may be my daughter, but I hardly know her. S'gonna sound strange, but she's been different since she died. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Fault Lines"

Moondragon has a nightmare involving the memories she had taken from her fellow Guardians, seeing the deaths of half their team. Nonetheless, she joins the others in the Continuum Cortex, to help them telepathically survey the area near the Fault where Rocket Raccoon and Drax are on some structure in space. They find a hive inside and are gobbled up by an alien monster. Groot quickly pulls them back through the Cortex, before it slices the alien in half; Rocket and Drax were right in its throat.

Star-Lord and Moondragon attend a meeting with Knowhere's council; Moondragon watches for any thoughts that comes to the surface of anyone's minds. Then suddenly, she faints as something manifests in her head. Star-Lord told her to lie down, while he and the team have a drink in Starlin's bar. Then suddenly, Moondragon calls him, reporting that the Luminals had sent a scouting team into the Fault, rather than participate with the Guardians. One of their members, Massdriver, has gone berserk after coming back and there is some parasite in her, wanting to get out.

Solicit Synopsis

A REALM OF KINGS story! The Guardians have been to hell and back on a desperate quest to save the past, present and future of the universe itself. But after their monumental efforts and terrible sacrifice, could it be that—due to the end of WAR OF KINGS and the creation of The Fault—the universe is an even more dangerous place than before…and they just don’t realize it yet? Yes, it’s time to shake up the team line-up again in the book that Newsarama’s Best Shots calls “Marvel’s most enjoyable team book…There’s a tremendous amount of action punctuated by some terrific humor and character development.”

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