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Quote1.png I am the chosen avatar of death. You want to learn about pain? I'll teach you! ... Now, who wants to go save the universe? Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Magus has apparently killed Phyla-Vell, Gamora, Mantis, Major Victory and Cosmo. But in reality, their spirits were separated from their bodies. Magus himself had been weakening stopping the spread of the Fault, so he's altering perception to make it seem like Star-Lord killed him. Magus' spirit then takes the souls of his fallen teammates, before destroying all Church templeships to throw the others Guardians off the scent.

In the present, on the Church world of Sancrosant Magus is attempting to torture his captives so that he would be converted to worshipping him. However, a psychic shield protects them, but Magus' lieutenant Flensse promises that he will break them. Magus then mocks Phyla, saying that she took on her different roles as a cry for attention. He then shows her the horrors that lie in the Fault, containing evil lifeforms that had conquered death, whom he'll bring into their universe.

Meanwhile, on the planet Ovar, former seat of the Galactic Council, the Guardians are playing Secret Service to the various galactic delegates from the different empires gathering for a summit, including Crystal, representing the Inhuman-Kree empire, and much to Star-Lord's dismay, Blastaar, who heads all of the territories of the Negative Zone. Unknown to everyone, an unknown person is aiming from orbit right at Blastaar

Back on Sacrosanct, Flensse uses a mnemonic flail that strips away memories on Phyla. She passes out, as her spirit exists outside of her body. The others except Gamora tell her that only she can tell Moondragon about Magus and his plans, given that her experiences in Oblivion and her love for Moondragon has forged an unbreakable psionic bond. Trying her best, Phyla manages to psychically call Moondragon, telling her that Magus is alive. She then manages to break free of her restraints, before killing Flensse and freeing her teammates.

Meanwhile, back at the summit, the unknown person fires. However, Blastaar wasn't the target. The real objective was to unleashed nanotic bioweapons upon everyone.

Solicit Synopsis

A REALM OF KINGS TIE-IN—GUEST-STARRING MAGUS! Star-Lord and the Guardians risked everything and suffered terrible losses in their epic, cross-time battle with Adam Warlock’s evil half. Except...everything they—and you—know could be wrong. Welcome to what’s really going on! Welcome to the kingdom of Magus! It’s all waiting for you in the book that has raving “DnA are mining the Marvel vaults for cosmic characters that have lain dormant for far too long…Guardians of the Galaxy consistently delivers the perfect balance of action, adventure, humor, drama, excitement, and unpredictability.”

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