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Quote1 Hey, Thanos! Hey, Thanos, baby! Over here, big fellah! Yoooohooo! Look what I got! Eh? Pretty, huh? Yeah, that's right. Come on. You know you want it. Cosmic Cube. Unbelievably powerful. Grants wishes. Twists realities. You had one yourself once, right? You may be feral, mindless -- but you can still feel the heat of it, can't you? Familiar. Kang gave me this. Kang the flarking conqueror. He handed it to me at the other end of time so I could beat Magus with it. It was broken, pretty much spent. It had just enough juice in it for one last zap. I zapped Adam with it. Though I'd used it up. I figured it was just a hunk of junk crystal. But it turns out Magus tricked me. Our whole fight with him was one big illusion. I only thought I used this thing. So it's still got power enough for that one last shot. Bang. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

Saturday, January 14th 3010, Starhawk has arrived to inform the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies about the "Error" originating from the most troublesome time period: 2010 A.D.. The Council believes that the error had been accounted for, which could've been the Fault of Major Victory -- as they have been warned by Kang the Conqueror about recurring threats, very often -- therefore, all time and space are saved, but Starhawk insists that's not true. He shows a debrief log from the original Guardians of the Galaxy made in 2010, which no one had seen in the archives last time around.

The log depicts Star-Lord stating how Moondragon had told him that Magus is really alive. And so, the Guardians arrived on Sacrosanct, the Church homeworld, completely devastated. Then suddenly, Drax starts to develop a headache, feeling that Thanos, his long-sought obsession, is alive. He tries rationalizing that he tore his heart out. Next thing they know, there is a massive explosion, which the Guardians rush to investigate, before running into Gamora, Cosmo, Major Victory and Mantis. They rejoice at seeing each other, before Gamora tells Moondragon that Thanos killed Phyla-Vell. As she says this, Thanos, apparently driven by a feral rage, attacks them. While trying to contain him, Mantis telepathically inform Star-Lord that the Church had been trying to resurrect him for months or years but it seems that he didn't want to be brought back, so he destroyed them all in retaliation.

Moondragon, angry that Thanos took Phyla from her, is barely able to hold her own TK shields against him. The Guardians attempt to blast him with everything they've got, but he is completely unharmed, forcing them to run. Not even Groot could stop him.

Drax insists on killing Thanos, but Gamora tells him that it's impossible, as her Godblade broke on his skin. However, Drax refuses to accept that and tries to kill him all over again. While Bug and Jack Flag are dispatched to assist him, Star-Lord asks Mantis if she and the other telepaths can incapacitate Thanos, but he is informed that his mind is shielded.

Therefore, Star-Lord walks up to Thanos to produce his last resort: the Cosmic Cube. Because he didn't actually use it to kill Magus, he uses what energy is left to defeat Thanos. Laying defeated on the ground, Thanos finally speaks, "You... force me... to live again... for that.. e-everything d-dies..." before falling into a coma. Gamora, shocked that he had the cube all this time, insists that Star-Lord could've used it to become a god.

As soon as Star-Lord finishes his debriefing, Starkhawk pauses the recording, asserting that Thanos is the Error. This can only mean that time is going to be chaotic. The only hope for the entire universe depends on Star-Lord's Guardians.

Back in 2010, the Guardians host a wake for Adam Warlock and Phyla on Knowhere. Star-Lord then sits with Rocket Raccoon to lament what they've lost. They then toast with ale bottles, asking what's the worst that can happen.

Solicit Synopsis

He’s back…Thanos! How did he return? Why is he back? And what does the appearance of the galaxy’s #1 threat mean for our rag-tag band of universal protectors? Find out in the next issue of the comic that calls “Awesome. Amazingly, jaw-droppingly awesome.”


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