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Rocket Raccoon

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Synopsis for 1st story

Rocket wakes up onboard a Kree vessel to find himself being vivisected. The Kree Supreme Intelligence informs him that the Guardians have been disbanded and that he is now property of the Kree Empire's Science Conclave. Rocket initially begs for them to not kill him, but then angrily snaps that they should because he'll kill them once he's free. The Kree ignore his outburst and begin tampering with his cybernetic implants.

On Planet Moord, Gamora is interrogated by the Brotherhood of Badoon, who demand to know the location of her father, Thanos. Gamora responds with violence, and after a lengthy brawl is defeated.

In Shi'ar Space, Drax awakens to find himself confronted by Manta and Gladiator, who charge him with crimes against the Empire for piracy and aiding in Jean Grey's escape. Drax responds by repeatedly challenging Gladiator to a duel, but is turned down.

On Knowhere, Flash comes across the Avengers while searching for Drax, who tell him that a Mutant Civil War has broken out and that he is needed back on Earth. Flash realizes something is wrong due to Beast being present instead of helping his people, and the "Avengers" open fire and knock him out, revealing themselves to be Skrulls.

Groot is held captive by the Brood, who throw him into the atmosphere of a desert planet, the impact ripping him in half.

On Spartax, Peter is escorted to his trial by armed guards and informed he will be held accountable not only for his own crimes but those of his teammates. Peter states he wants to accept his father's offer of clemency if he'll let the other Guardians go, but when he is informed that such a deal is impossible he hurls himself out the nearest window.

Solicit Synopsis

• With the entire galaxy gunning for the Guardians and Peter Quill missing, its time to bring in a little help. Captain Marvel JOINS the Guardians of the Galaxy!

• But where in the universe is Star-Lord? And what does his disappearance mean for the safety of earth?!


Despite appearing on the cover, Captain Marvel does not appear in this issue.

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