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Quote1.png This human was transformed into this -- this so-called "destroyer" -- for the sole purpose of attacking and killing the mad titan Thanos. But instead he has chosen to use his gifts for terrorism and thievery. All this is fact. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for 1st story

Flash wakes up onboard the Skrull vessel to find they have separated him from the symbiote and chained him to a wall. The Skrulls mock him over his dependance on the symbiote and state they intend to sell the creature, asking if he knows where it's from.

On the Shi'ar home world, Drax is put on trial for aiding in the alternate-universe Jean Grey's escape from her trial for the crimes committed by Dark Phoenix, but Drax's only response is to continue to challenge Gladiator to a duel.

On Planet Moord, Gamora refuses to cooperate with the Brotherhood of Badoon and is sentenced to execution by gladiatorial combat with as many Badoon as it takes to kill her. Gamora is beaten down, but before she can be finished off Angela intervenes.

On Spartax, Peter hurls himself out a window and is caught by Captain Marvel, returning to the palace to collect his clothes and equipment. He turns his blaster on his father's aide, demanding to know where the other Guardians (and his pants) are. J'son confronts Peter, ordering him to stand down, reiterating his earlier declaration of the end of the Guardians. Pointing his gun at his father, Peter retorts that he was the one who kidnapped him and called it justice. J'son tells him that he and Captain Marvel will never leave the planet alive and feels nothing but pity for the fate he had chosen. But when he states that his only regret is that the Badoon who tried to murder Peter as a child failed so miserably, he had forgotten that he was broadcasting Peter's actions to all of Spartax, exposing his own tyranny for the people of the planet to see. Peter then restates his point, the one J'son continues to miss, declaring the Guardians to be the good guys for going out of their way to help the helpless. He then demands to know where his friends are but J'son refuses to answer. Peter considers shooting his father, believing he'd be freeing the Spartax Empire from his tyranny, whereas J'son insists that the empire would crumble and harm a great many people, so his way works. Ultimately, Peter decides to leave him to the mercy of the enraged crowds.

Onboard the Krees' ship, The Supreme Intelligence, seeing the footage of J'son's deception, ends the vivisection on Rocket, and orders them to put Rocket back together.

On board the Skrull ship, the Skrulls discuss their intent to bond the symbiote to one of themselves, against Flash's warnings. The procedure initially works, but the symbiote immediately abandons the Skrull to return to Flash, who menacingly states that he warned them not to mess with the symbiote.

In the Shi'ar court, Drax is sentenced to execution and chooses to challenge Gladiator to a duel, which Gladiator finally accepts.

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• Starlord on the run from a mysterious new adversary—alone without the aid of the Guardians!

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