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Star-Lord and Captain Marvel infiltrate the Spartax City Ship Impound, where the Guardians' ship is located. With the ship being under heavy guard, Star-Lord reveals his belt buckle to be a remote control to the ship, enabling him to pilot it out of dock. Once the two heroes are aboard, Captain Marvel suggests getting off planet, but Star-Lord has other plans. He attempts to kamikaze with the Royal Palace, only to break off at the last second, as do the two Royal Air Guard fighters following him. J'son sees this as a sign that his son is not coming back, but that's the least of his problems, as the Spartax populace besiege the royal palace in response to his unwilling confession of tyranny.

Satisfied by his father's humiliation, Star-Lord departs Spartax and decides to find the other Guardians. He then receives a transmission from Gamora, informing him that she and Angela are on Moord, the homeworld of the Brotherhood of the Badoon.

On the Shi'ar Throne World, Gladiator consents to Drax death match challenge. They fight for a brief time and though Drax holds his own, Gladiator has him by the throat and drags him into space, only for the Guardians to show up and rescue Drax.

The Guardians are soon confronted by a Kree warship. They receive a transmission from the Supreme Intelligence, explaining that they will return Rocket unharmed. Also, J'son was not completely upfront with the Kree when he offered them a part in his plan to publicly shame Star-Lord. Thus, the Kree had no animosity against the Guardians or their home planets and thank Star-Lord for publicly outing his father. They then reveal that Groot was handed over to the Brood Queen, who abandoned him on Rigel 8.

Upon being brought onboard, Rocket wakes up abruptly, with no memory of the Kree's experiments.

The Guardians arrive on Rigel 8 and narrowly rescue Groot.

Returning to Knowhere, the Guardians search for Venom but he's nowhere to be found.

Solicit Synopsis

• With some new faces on the team, it might be time for the Guardians to have a little team-building vacation.

• Or, you know, they could keep fighting alien warlords and galactic empires.

• Guess they’ll have to plan that team-building retreat for next month.

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