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Rocket Raccoon

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  • Badoon
    • Numerous unnamed soldiers

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Synopsis for 1st story

The Badoon invade Earth, starting with London. Star-Lord attempts to call Earth's Mightiest Heroes but the Badoon have blocked all communications in the region. The Guardians of the Galaxy then race to their ship's launch bay, finding Rocket Raccoon planting a silver of wood to resurrect Groot and Iron Man still out cold. Rocket then slaps a device on Iron Man, allowing him to regain consciousness and his armor to reboot. Once the situation is explained to him, Iron Man joins the Guardians to repel the invasion. They each take on a Badoon ship.

Rocket boards one ship to interrogate its captain as to the Badoon's presence on Earth. The captain declares that he would rather die, so Rocket kills him. He then demands the helmsmen activate self-destruct sequence and kills them when they refuse, activating an override. He then flies out of the doomed ship as it is set to crash into a ship Drax is on. Gamora attempts to rescue him before Iron Man catches them both.

Six weeks previously, dignitaries from major galactic empires meet in the Negative Zone. This includes J-Son of Spartax, the Supreme Intelligence, Gladiator, Annihilus, the Brood Queen, Freyja, All-Mother of Asgard, and Y-Gaar of the Brotherhood of the Badoon. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss Earth, the planet where all sorts of chaos has spawned. The superhumans living there have powers than range from minor significance to intergalactic threat; Kree interference created the Inhumans; use of magics; repetitive abuses of the space-time continuum; surviving Badoon and Skrull invasions, Thanos and Galactus; a Watcher visits it more frequently than any other planet in the galaxy; and the Phoenix Force was recently destroyed. Gladiator agrees with J-Son's points, arguing that Thanos was in believing that the Infinity Gem are on Earth, and implies that they should conquer the planet. However, J-Son says it can't be done. Freyja takes offense that the greater universe would consider a planet in her protectorate a threat because it bothers them. She warns them that any move against Earth would meet reprisals from Asgards and takes her leave. J-Son then takes it as a suggestion to declare Earth off-limits to offworlders. Y-Gaar only smiles deviously.

In the present, the Guardians are confronted by Spartax soldiers. Though Star-Lord attempts to wave his royal status, but the Spartoi announces that their orders come directly from J-Son; the Guardians of the Galaxy are now prisoners of war.

Solicit Synopsis

• While London deals with the brutal Badoon invasion, the fate of the Guardians of the Galaxy may have been decided millions of miles away.

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