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Quote1.png And like you said-- We don't have to know everything. That's okay. But we need to know we can trust each other no matter what. That you are right about, but... I was so torn. I betray him or I betray you. If you want to leave, you can leave. But I hope you stay. He asked us to keep this from you because he loved you. And I did because I loved him. And for all the #@$% we don't know, you need to know... We all love you. Quote2.png
Peter Quill

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• The FINAL CHAPTER of what really happened in the Cancerverse!

• Remember when Star-Lord and Nova were going to sacrifice their lives to take out Thanos?

• And remember how Drax was supposed to have died?

• Well, Nova seems to be the only one missing now. Time to get some answers here!

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