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At an extraterrestrial bar, a holoprojection of a Spartoi politician proclaims that if elected he would put together a coalition to destroy Earth. A drunk Kree loudly proclaims his hatred of humans, boasting that he'd been to Earth less than a week before and attracting the attention of Flash Thompson, who has shifted the Venom symbiote into a hooded cloak to remain incognito. Flash corners the Kree in an alley outside and demands he take him to Earth, transforming into a bat-winged, insectoid Venom form when the Kree attacks him. When the Kree recognizes the symbiote and fearfully admits to have been lying about having been to Earth, Venom eats him and leaves.

On board the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship, Peter Quill admits to a holoprojection of Kitty Pryde that the team is going through some rough times and that when troubled he usually goes on a womanizing spree. While Kitty is increasingly unimpressed, Peter admits that this time he wanted to talk to her. Kitty asks how the rest of the team is doing, and Peter replies that they're coping in their own ways, while on an alien world Drax vents his anger on a monster.

At Knowhere, Flash confronts Wrapje, the Crakili weapons merchant he'd met with Drax, and demands to know why he's losing control of his symbiote. Gamora enters the dealership to have her swords repaired and, upon recognizing Flash, berates him for abandoning the team. The symbiote seizes control of Flash and attacks her, accusing the Guardians and the Avengers of setting him up and trying to get him killed. The other Guardians arrive and Peter triggers the device Tony gave him, separating Flash from the symbiote, which is contained by Rocket. Flash apologizes for his actions and asks to be returned to Earth, where he can control the symbiote, before passing out.

On board the ship, the Guardians wonder why the symbiote is out of control and bicker over whether or not to simply jettison it, but the symbiote breaks free from its containment and takes over Groot.

Solicit Synopsis


• As the Guardians of the Galaxy encounter an entire world full of alien symbiotes, they ask themselves... was allowing Flash Thompson to join their ranks a wise decision?



The solicit says the Guardians travel to a symbiote-conquered world, but all that happens is Venom running amock.

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