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Quote1.png They have, finally and for all time, shown the galaxy that they are a swarm of irresponsible, unevolved organisms, that must be put down before they destroy us all. Say goodbye to your home planet, Peter. Once word gets out that they ripped reality... Nothing will save them. And now you know... your father was right. That I, Thanos was right. The Earth needs to be punished. Quote2.png

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The Guardians defend London and finish off the horde of Badoon but learn that, for violating the "Earth-is-off-limits" rule, or the Spartax Earth Directive they are to be placed under arrest by the King of Spartax. The Guardians manage to escape with the help of Groot, who had recently regrown to his normal size after being apparently destroyed by a Badoon ship's explosion.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spinning out of the dramatic conclusion of Age of Ultron, dimensions collide and Heaven’s most fearsome Angel pushes the Guardians back on their heels.

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