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Quote1.png Kitty, you are an amazing woman. You're a teacher, a scholar, a warrior, and you're out here running around the galaxy trying to do whatever you can to make it a better place. But lady, you cannot dress yourself to save your life. Quote2.png
Peter Quill

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After recently abandoning his role as leader of Spartax,[1] Star-Lord and his fiancée, Kitty Pryde, are hiding from the Badoon. Peter goes on to mention how he lost a planet and lost Kitty Pryde. Changing the subject, Kitty asks Quill if he likes her new costume. He says "no."

When they move, they have a close run-in with the Badoon Empire, but when Quill starts talking again, the Badoon attack. They attack while talking to each other. Eventually, more Badoon catch up with them, and Quill is knocked out. Luckily, Kitty Pryde manages to escape with both her and Quill.

The Badoon find them and attack again. When they escape, they find they're on a Badoon planet where they keep prisoners from other races in forced labor camps. Kitty looks around, and sees an alien mother holding her dying child in her arms. Kitty asks Quill for the gun, and when he says to stick to the plan, Kitty yells to him about how it’s a concentration camp. She says she wants to shut the place down, and goes around wrecking the place and the Badoon.

Quill then tells all the prisoners to get to the airfield, grab their ships, and go. Quill asks someone where they keep the high-risk political prisoners, but he does not tell him and runs off. Then Quill is attacked by a giant Badoon, and taken to an arena where he is sentenced to death by the people of Moord.

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Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, is back with the Guardians, but what does that mean to Star-Lord, a.k.a. Kitty Pryde? Who made it out of the horrifying first arc? Don’t miss this issue!

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