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This group of security guards working for Nextin Pharmaceuticals were enhanced by a recreation of the Super-Soldier Serum developed by Jacob Erskine.[1]

Heroic Age

Steve Rogers first encountered these Super-Soldier Formula-enhanced guards when he infilitrated a gala held by Nextin Pharma for their shareholders in Madripoor's Sovereign Hotel. He suspected the party could be used as a courtain for any meeting with potential buyers of the Super-Soldier Serum. A group of guards intercepted him when he attempted to reach the VIP gymnasium. The version of the serum the soldiers were enhanced by was dangerously flawed, leading one of them to collapse in the middle of combat due to a brain aneurysm. Steve defeated the remaining guards and managed to find his target, Jacob Erskine.[1]

Once Erskine was gunned down in front of Rogers' eyes, he fled from the hotel. A group of guards rushed to Erskine's office but Rogers was already gone.[2] After Machinesmith captured Rogers and neutralized the Super-Soldier Serum in his body, a pair of guards knocked him down and took him to a cell. These soldiers then took him out of his cell to execute him, but Steve managed to slip from their grasp and defeat them since he still retained his training despite being powerless. After Rogers regained his powers, more guards tried to stop them, but he defeated them swiftly.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Super Soldier Serum: The guards are powered by a replica of the Super-Soldier Serum, presumably granting them abilities that can match those of Captain America. The Super-Soldier Serum additionally augmented the guards' body mass and height.[1]

  • Enhanced Physical Condition: The guards' strength, speed, reflexes, durability, stamina, and healing were allegedly enhanced to the peak of human potential. They are supposedly faster, stronger, and more durable than the finest athletes.[4]
  • Peak Human Strength: The guards' strength is enhanced to the peak of human potential. They are strong enough to push Steve Rogers through a wall during a fight.[1]
  • Peak Human Durability: The guards' were able to withstand getting smashed into a wall by Steve Rogers,[1] and receiving gunshots with little to no injury.[3]
  • Peak Human Speed: The guards are capable moving at incredibly fast speeds for their size.[5]


Skilled Combatants: The guards were shown to be brutal fighters and proficient with firearms as well.[5]


Serum Instability: The Super-Soldier Serum used to empower these guards was unstable, leading one of the guards to suddely drop dead due to a brain aneurysm.[1]



The Guardsman have used a rifle, a metal bat, and electrical sticks.[5]

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