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Part of Alchemax's security division, this squadron of Guardsmen were equipped with versions of the Guardsman Armor built to hunt and kill symbiotes. Following Knull's invasion of Earth, several symbiotes remained on Earth and and the Guardsmen were sanctioned to take out any symbiotes or unauthorized aliens they found.[1]

Guardsman Waters pursued a human/Brood created by Alchemax who had escaped from custody and came into conflict Toxin - who had bonded to Waters' teenaged son Bren Waters - in the process.[2] A few months after Knull's invasion, a squad of Guardsmen tracked down a symbiote that had bonded to a terminally-ill man to a coffee shop in Manhattan, and attacked him when Flash Thompson happened to be in the locale. After the Guardsmen sniped the symbiote's host, Thompson turned into Agent Anti-Venom and confronted the agents under the assumption that he was their target. He stopped the Guardsmen from killing the symbiote and its host, and both fled.[1]



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