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Frank Ensign, Hugh Taylor, Scott Washington, Curtis Elkins, Marty Delarosa, Rick McLaurin, Ravello Medina, Michael O'Brien, Corben Rubinstein, Pascal Tyler, Jennifer Stewart, other unnamed others
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Government-funded armor-wearing security force


The Guardsmen are a group of elite pilots from the U.S. military that wear the Guardsman armor designed by Tony Stark.

The original, single suit of Guardsman armor was worn by Tony's close associate Kevin O'Brien before he was accidentally killed. Kevin's brother took up wearing the armor to avenge his brother's death, and he later continued to wear it after becoming the head of security for Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.. When Justin Hammer took over Stark Industries (at the time under the name "Stane International"), he produced and sold 41 copies of the armor to the U.S. military for their guards working at the maximum security prison, the Vault. These prison guards became the first Guardsmen.[1]

When Iron Man began his Armor Wars, he attempted to disable or take back any armor designs sold by Justin Hammer, including the ones in use at the Vault. Stark fought and disabled all of the old Guardsmen armors,[2] so afterward Hammer re-armed the Guardsmen with armor of weaker technology (because it was not copied from Stark's original Guardsman suit this time). These weaker suits left the Guardsmen unable to stop to a mass escape of prisoners later.[3] After eventually regaining control of his company, Stark entered into a new agreement with the U.S. government to provide a better, more powerful set of Guardsmen armor suits to the Vault, but made sure the set was bound to the generators of the facility so they could not be used outside of the Vault.[4]

After the closing of the Vault,[5] the U.S. government still occasionally continued using Guardsmen in security and detention matters.[6]


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