The nameless[1] god[2] known to as the Bull of Heaven, the Bull of Anu, or the therianthropic Gugalanna, was wed to Ereshkigal[2] and resided in the Heavens.

Hyborian Age

Circa 10,000 BC, Anu was worshiped in such places as Corinthia.[3] The Bull of Heaven or Bull of Anu was "the avenger" sent by Anu to avenge him from those who wronged him, and was sometimes summoned by his priests. Once the Bull of Anu had assumed solid form, he had to taste one human death before returning to the heavens.

As the priest of Anu in a Corinthian city-state had betrayed Conan and Burgun (who was executed as consequence), Conan attacked him, leading the priest to summon the Bull of Heaven. The creature attacked both of them as Conan had stolen the priest's amulet who protected him. Conan was able to throw the priest to the Bull who, satisfied, gazed at Conan and fled.[1]


In approximately 2700 BC, after Gilgamesh rejected her sexual advances, Inanna had Anu send the Bull of Heaven to attack him. Gilgamesh slew the beast, and Inanna killed his friend's Enkidu in return. The Bull's death ignited a deep enmity between Inanna and her sister Ereshkigal.[2]

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