Alternate Realities

Guggenheim Museum from What If? Vol 1 43 001

Earth-84243's Guggenheim Museum


Reaching the roof of the Guggenheim Museum in Earth-84243, Conan instinctively waited for something that was to be denied him, so he was arrested and caught by the police before the lightning could strike him and bring him back to his era.[1]


Guggenheim Museum From Spidey Vol 1 4 001

Earth-TRN576's Guggenheim Museum

In Earth-TRN576, Peter Parker regularly visited the Guggenheim Museum with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben when growing up. Years later, Parker went to the museum on his day off and saw someone steal a painting. He confronted the art thief as Spider-Man and he revealed himself to be Doctor Doom, though was actually a Doombot. The two fought for the painting and Spider-Man destroyed the Doombot before it left with the painting. After he left; however, another Doombot removed that painting and Spidey was believed to have attacked the museum.[2]

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