6th Century

Queen Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot during the 6th Century.

Near the end of King Arthur's reign, Arthur's son Mordred and his consort Morgan le Fay began secretly plotting to take over the kingdom. Aware of these plans, the magician Merlyn summoned Sir Percy of Scandia to be his secret warrior the Black Knight to oppose Mordred's plots. Posing as a clumsy coward, Sir Percy was easily dismissed by Guinevere and the others. Not long after the Black Knight's appearance, King Arthur was kidnapped in the night by minions of Mordred, and unknown to all, was locked in the castle dungeon. Mordred and Morgan le Fay usurped control of the throne, much to Guinevere's dismay, and she was insulted that Morgan would sit in her throne. Her fears and concerns over Mordred taking over the throne were dismissed as grief and Guinevere was led to her chambers. However the Black Knight soon rescued King Arthur with the help of Merlin and the King and Guinevere were restored to the throne, although there was no proof to implicate Mordred in Arthur's disappearance.[1]

Eventually, Guinevere began an affair with Sir Lancelot, a knight in King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table. The pair soon fled with their forbidden love, an act that contributed to the eventual fall of Camelot.[2][3]

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