The past history of Guinness is unrevealed, and it is further unknown if he is a human-mutate or if he is a salamander mutated into a humanoid form.

He was a hired gun who worked alongside the recently resurrected Conner "Rebel" O'Reilly. The two would accept jobs that would get Rebel closer to finding the location of his lost love Blue Skye. They would be hired by Pepper Potts and her rebellion against former Nazi turned religious fanatic Master Man who had taken over much of the western United States rechristening it Calivada.

Along their trials, Guinness would come to realize the good they were doing, as well as the fact that Rebel was still trying to find Skye. When confronting Rebel and begging him to let go of his obsession, Rebel would refuse. They would soon be ambushed by the Parson, a minion of Master Man and learn that their comrade Michka Rose had betrayed them. In the course of the battle, Michka would realize her true loyalties and be gravely injured. Rebel would kill the Parson, but not before the Parson revealed the supposed location of Skye Blue, prompting Rebel to abandon his friends.[1]

Guinness and Pepper would be left to find their own way to bring Michka to medical attention, his current fate remains unrevealed.

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