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Gungnir is the spear of Odin. Like Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, it returns to his hand after he has thrown it. Its composition is enchanted Uru metal.


According to one story, dwarves forged it from sunlight as a gift to Odin. Another story states it was among several objects forged by the Sons of Ivalid as part of a contest arranged by Loki. According to another story, Gungnir is from a previous Asgard that was destroyed by Ragnarok. The spear unified the nine surviving gods to create a new Odin who claimed Gungnir as his own. How true any of these stories are is unknown.

Odin has used the spear as one of his weapons and a symbol of power throughout his reign. Among its most prominent uses was when he wielded it in battle against Thor and the Eternals right before the Fourth Host of the Celestials came to Earth.

During the assault on Asgard, Gungnir was stolen by the Thunderbolts, ordered by Norman Osborn to bring it to him to turn the tide of his siege of Asgard. However, due to interference from the Mighty Avengers and the desertion of Ant-Man and Paladin, Gungnir was kept out of his hands. Paladin then took the spear far from Asgard, where no one can use it.

At an unknown point, the spear was returned to Asgard, and wielded by Odin after his resurrection. After the death of Odin,[3] an arrow was fashioned from Gungnir, with the head made in the eternal flame of Muspelheim and affixed to the spear with sap of Yggdrasill. It was used to ignite Odins body along with the rest of Gungnir during his funeral.[1]


At first the spear was stated to have no power on its own. Being made from uru, it served as a natural channel for Odin's own power in the form of energy blasts and other effects. It would obey Odin's command to mentally return to him and could only be wielded by Odin.

Later stories stated the spear was equal to Mjolnir in power. If thrown it would fly after its target and its tip would be surrounded with electricity. It could destroy towers with ease and would return to its owner when thrown. Unlike Mjonlir, Gungnir has no worthiness enchantment since the Asgardians cannot conceive of anyone but Odin wielding it.


  • Unlike Mjolnir, Gungnir doesn't have a magical safeguard, meaning anyone can wield it

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