Comrade Gunin was an instructor at the American branch of the Red Room Academy established in Westchester, New York. After a secretly-rogue clone of the deceased Natasha Romanoff killed Alexander Cady and pretended to dispose of the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye, on whom she had pinned the murder, Comrade Usenko promoted her to take his place as commander. She additionally requested to continue Cady's work with the young recruits in the assassins program, so she became Gunin's co-instructor. He became fed up with her when she rejected his fear-based training. In secret, she also started to influence the recruits so they would turn against their masters.

When the Winter Soldier and Hawkeye tracked down Black Widow to the Red Room, Natasha saw herself forced to drop the pretense and openly turned against her superiors. When Comrade Gunin went after Natasha, she liberated the recruits and they turned against Gunin and his soldiers. Black Widow held Gunin at gunpoint and killed him.[1]

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