The Gunsmoke Kid was a gunslinging terror by the time he was seventeen years old. All that changed, however, when his father was shot, robbed, and left for dead. It was too much for his poor mother, a husband dead and a son who was getting into fights all over the territory. She wrote him a letter begging him to give up his gunglinging, but her health was already failing. She was dead by the time her son arrived home.

From that day on, the Gunsmoke Kid was a changed man. He made a promise to his mother that he would mend his ways, and her death just deepened that resolve. He kept her photo near to him to remind himself of that promise. He would still get called into fights as a result of his reputation, but he no longer went for kills. And instead of looking for fights, he looked for people in need. He figured that by saving others, he was also saving himself. He was a gunfighter with a conscience.

He brought in the man who killed his father alive, and found the evidence the law needed to convict him. His other adventures have included; helping a man on a gold rush save his claim from a jumper who had a whole tribe of renegade Paiutes backing him up. He ended up tricking the Piutes into thinking tht their friend was a werewolf. Another time, he helped a rancher expose a rival who had been rustling his herd, and defended the herd until he had gotten evidence on the rustlers. The head of the rustlers turned out to be a wanted man, and the law was only too glad to take him in. His subsequent activities are thus far unrevealed.




The Gunsmoke Kid is a fine gunslinger and hand-to-hand combatant, having been called the fastest gun west of the Mississippi River. He is also a skilled horseman.


The Gunsmoke Kid rides a horse


Pistols, and he keeps a Derringer up his sleeve

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