Gustav Fiers is a mysterious man with ties to Oscorp.

After Curt Connors was imprisoned following his bioattack over New York City as the Lizard, Fiers visited him in his cell, and asked Curt whether he had told Peter Parker anything about his father. Connors demanded him to leave Peter alone, but Fiers had mysteriously vanished.[1]

Some time later, Fiers visited Harry Osborn in the Ravencroft Insitute, and informed him that he had found several suitable candidates for an unknown purpose. Harry asked him to keep it small and sent him down to a secret area in Oscorp, to collect weapons and equipment for those candidates.[2]

  • In the novel Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six, Gustav Fiers was a businessman who gathered the Sinister Six in order to have revenge on Spider-Man, as his parents Richard and Mary Parker had thwarted one of his plans years back.
  • Marc Webb has stated that the character who would become Gustav Fiers was originally conceived as Electro.[3]

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