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Scientist Gustav Hauptmann originally worked for Adolf Hitler and later on the Red Skull.[1] Surviving until the modern age, Gustav was later captured by Latverian monarch Doctor Doom to use his inventive genius. He actually loved working for Doom, gleefully capturing anyone whom he felt threatened his new master.[2]

Early on in his career working with Doctor Doom, Gustav experimented in Zorba Fortunov, prince of Latveria's late king King Vladimir. These experiments cost Zorba his right eye, which was replaced with a cumbersome cybernetic device.[3]

Gustav was then involved in one of Doom's schemes against his rivals the Fantastic Four, unleashing his army of Killer Robots upon his foes.[2] However, the Fantastic Four proved capable of destroying these robots.[4] When the group entered the castle, Doom sent Gustav to face off against the male members of the team. But when Gustav attempted to roast Mister Fantastic with a flamethrower, Doom used a sonic device to kill Hauptmann. Doom had killed his loyal assistant due to the fact that his weapon could have destroyed some priceless works of art. Doom later allowed the Fantastic Four to go free shortly after killing Gustav.[1] Gustav was survived by his brother Gert Hauptmann, who succeeded him as Doctor Doom's lead scientist.[5] However, he too died at the hands of Doctor Doom.[6]


How Hauptmann managed to maintain a relative vitality in the modern age is as yet unexplained. However, given the amount of Nazi scientists who were either able to to cheat the aging process and exist in the modern age through various means (biological mutation, time travel, suspended animation, etc.) it seems likely that Hauptmann used one of these techniques to prologue his life into a modern age.

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