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Gustav Hertz worked in a mechanical laboratory in Munich, Germany during the 1940's. One day, his arms were caught in a machine and were amputated. Surviving the experience and given reading material on how to operate day-to-day using his mouth and feet, Hertz developed a hatred of all machines and began honing his skills and working himself to his peak physical level. As the "Armless Tiger Man", Hertz used his enhanced strength to wreck machinery in Nazi Germany. Captured by the Nazis, they learned of Hertz's hatred of machines and sent him to the United States to undermine their defense efforts.

His activities attracted the attention of the Angel after killing an informant that worked at the Johnston Defense plant. The Angel tracked down the Tiger Man and ultimately defeated him at the Johnston plant before he could cause any permanent damage. The Tiger Man then explained his life story to the Angel before being turned over to the FBI and incarcerated.[4]

Shortly thereafter, Hertz was either freed or escaped from prison and returned to the Nazi cause. It also seems that during this time he developed a taste for human flesh, becoming a cannibal and using his canine-like teeth to tear flesh from the bone. He was next recruited into a special superhuman task force assembled by the Red Skull and sent to Africa to infiltrate Wakanda in order to secure a supply of Vibranium for the Nazi cause. During the assault on the Wakandan capital, Hertz assaulted the Black Panther's wife and two sons, threatening to kill T'Chaka.[5] At this point, he was shot in the middle of his forehead by Howling Commando, Gabe Jones, killing him instantly.[2]

Hertz's soul ended up in Hades where in modern times he was a member of Pluto's jury of the undead that were standing trail against Zeus.[6] When Hercules attempted to attack the jury, Tiger Man was among its members who overpowered the demigod.[7] Later, when Pluto reneged on a promise to release those trapped in Hades, Armless Tiger Man attacked Pluto but was soundly defeated.[8]

At some point he was able to leave Hades and attended the The Alley Behind A Closed-Down Laundromat Comic-Con as an exhibitor.[3]



Armless Tiger Man is well skilled in using his teeth and feet in place of his amputated arms. He has sharpened his teeth into fangs to use as weapons and has above average strength allowing him to bend steel with his mouth. His toes are very dexterous, allowing him to throw daggers with them.

Additional Attributes

Although made up for by his mouth and feet skills, Armless Tiger Man is handicapped due to his lack of arms.



Armless Tiger Man sometimes uses knives.


Armless Tiger Man was known to engage in cannibalism.[9]

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