Gustav Van Doren and his wife Vivian buy the "old Hoog place", an isolated home once owned by a scientist named Hoog. Despite the wild stories of animal mutation experiments and evil energy, Gustav brushes it off as nonsense and moves in. After a few weeks, the couple experience bizarre dreams and the constant sound of of scratching coming from the cellar. One night, Gustav awake to find Vivian gone. Following the sounds of scratching to the cellar, he finds a giant ant carrying Vivian into an underground tunnel.

Chasing after them, Gustav falls into the tunnel and eventually hits the bottom, knocking himself unconscious. He awakes to find himself the size of an ant. He learns that the ants he sees before him were once humans themselves. One of the ants informs him that the ants have been enslaving people for labor, and that the humans are secretly sending out distress signals for help. In the middle of this conversation, the colony is destroyed by a giant foot that the slaves believed picked up their distress call.

Some time later, in a hospital, two doctors discuss the circumstances of Gustav's arrival as a full-sized Gustav, his head wrapped in bandages, screams out for Vivian. The senior doctor tells his co-worker that Gustav was found lying on top of a massive ant hill in the cellar, a pen in hand, and that the amount of ant bites on his body will kill Gustav. When the co-worker inquires about the bandages on his head, the doctor informs him that Gustav has the body of a man, but the head of an ant.[1]

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