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Quote1.png It's nothing, dude. It's time. It's space. It's the blink between ticks of a clock... or the lost memory between grammar school and college. It's the Gutter. Quote2.png


The Gutter Space is an extra-multiversal dimension located between the panels of a comic book beyond the panels.[2]

Gwenpool was able to access the Gutter Space after her comic awareness allowed her to break the panel borders and venture behind the scenes.[3] This allowed her to witness events which transpired outside her privy, as well as pluck items from her past,[4] and travel from one panel to another, regardless of the destinations reality or time period, making her near omnipotent.[2]

She later began exiling villains, such as Paste Pot Pete, to the Gutter Space.[5]


  • The ability to reach the Gutter Space is not limited to those with medium awareness, as Victor von Doom has demonstrated the power to come and go as he pleased. His "paper memory" duplicate even noted that the Gutter Space is "just another dimension." Doom also noted that the Gutter Space is not magical in nature.[6]

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