De Montfort was a knight who fought under the banner of King Richard I during the Third Crusade. Seeking to usurp control of the Crusades and conquer the known world, De Montfort frequently attempted to assassinate the King and was always thwarted by his most loyal soldier the Crusader. After the first such assassination attempt, De Montfort had the Crusader knocked and stole his saracen as well as had the hero sold to a nearby slave ship. However the Crusader managed to escape his bonds and exposed De Montfort's duplicity and easily defeated him in battle, reclaiming his sword. The Crusader then spared De Montfort's life and warned him against making attempts against the King in the future[1].

Later when his fellow knight Sir Quincy and a important tactical map were captured by the Saladin of Egypt, the Crusader went to rescue him, disguised as an old man. De Montfort sent one of his men to expose the Crusader, leading to his capture. However the hero managed to break free and rescue Quincy and the map, foiling De Montfort's plans[2].


De Montfort wore armor that was mostly comprised of chainmail.


De Montfort rode a horse


De Montfort had access to weapons that were common to the knights of England during the Crusades, such as a shield, sword, and daggers.

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