Gwenpool appears in her room in the Avengers Mansion, and lets people enter cheats on her computer and sells "Pink Bricks" from her room in exchange for Coins.[1]


Seemingly those of the Gwen Poole of Earth-TRN565.


Seemingly those of the Gwen Poole of Earth-TRN565.

  • Gwenpool does not have a major role in the main story, but she acts as a narrator for the extra missions found throughout all the locations in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.
  • Gwen claims that she's no longer in a comic book, implying she has spent time in another alternate reality before ending up in Earth-13122.
    • Whether she is an existing Gwenpool, or a different and undocumented Gwen is unknown. Given the lack of reference to a LEGO Gwen in any other medium, it's likely the latter.
  • She mentions Deadpool when she gets a call from THQ when they ask her to be the host of the brick missions and she ask what happened to the guy that did it last time (obviously referring to Deadpool since he host the brick missions in LMS I) in the intro of the first Gwenpool mission.
  • Gwen is voiced by Becca Stewart.

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