The history of Gwenpool is likely the same as that of the Gwenpool of Earth-TRN565 until she bonded with the Venom symbiote at an unknown period of time.[1]

After giving a drawing to her boss, Mr. Melville, that revealed to him Daredevil's secret identity, Gwenpool decided that she needed to kill her boss to prevent Daredevil's identity from leaking out, after being convinced by her symbiote that it was best course of action. She unexpectedly teamed up with Daredevil and battled the Hand, which Mr. Melville was a member of, making Gwenpool's decision to kill him easier. Gwenpool ended up killing Mr. Melville by accident when a bullet he fired bounced off a shield she made to protect Daredevil with and the ricochet struck him, causing him to fall out the window.[1]

Shortly after being asked to join Daredevil in protecting the city, Gwenpool was killed by a Poison impersonating Daredevil who then consumed her body.[1]

Much like Earth-TRN565's Gwenpool, although her actions are heavily influenced by the Venom symbiote.


Seemingly those provided by the Venom Symbiote.


Seemingly those of Gwenpool of Earth-TRN565.


Seemingly those provide by the Venom Symbiote.


Artist Irene Strychalski stated that because Gwen "has such an animated, over-the-top personality", when designing her Venomized version, "it had to still look somewhat comical on her", hence the Venpool having claw-hands, big dinosaur legs, and a tail.[2]

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